WOL Loves: Bridal Shoes From The High Street

If your wedding is just around the corner and you’re still in the market for a pair of fabulous bridal heels, we’ve got exactly what you’re looking for – bridal shoes from the high street! You may have imagined a pair of designer heels for your wedding day, but with the budget being stretched you have to find a more affordable pair. Don’t worry, these shoes won’t break the bank and they’re super stylish – we hope you love them as much as we do! Read More »


WOL Loves: 10 Bridal Shoes That Won’t Blow The Budget!

Designer shoes are beautiful, of course we adore them, but when there are so many other things to buy for your wedding day, spending £100’s on shoes might go out the window. The good news is, even if your budget … Read More »

13 Cheerful & Colourful Shoes For The Bride

If you’re a shoe person (and I certainly am!), you’ll want a really good pair to say I Do in! Your bridal accessories are the perfect way to add a little extra of your personality into your bridal look, and … Read More »


WOL Loves: Dreamy Designer Bridal Shoes

After you’ve decided on your dress, shoes are an important accessory that you’ll have to choose. I’m a self-proclaimed shoe lover, I’ll always take a new pair over an outfit! If you’ve a shoe collection to rival Miss Bradshaw herself, … Read More »

WOL Loves: Floral Bridal Shoes

You can’t beat a touch of feminine floral at a summer wedding, and where better than on your shoes! If you’re looking to add an extra touch of personality to your wedding look, might we suggest a fabulous pair of … Read More »


10 Summer Sandals You’ll Wear Again

If you’re confident in heels a great pair of summer sandals are perfect for brides, and better still, you’ll get to wear these ones again.  Some brides like to go all out and treat themselves to that pair of designer … Read More »

11 Lust-Worthy Designer Shoes Worth Investing In!

She may be a fictional character but Carrie Bradshaw is to thank for our love of fabulous designer shoes, and we bet she has something to do with yours, too! If you’re on the lookout for a pair of fabulous … Read More »

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