WOL Loves: Unity Candle Arrangements

As you say I do and pledge your life to your other half you will light the unity candle during your wedding ceremony. The unity candle arrangement is one item you’ll need to plan for with your florist. Sitting centre … Read More »


8 Tips To Find Your Ideal Wedding Florist

When it comes to the overall style and look of your wedding day, your flowers will play a huge role in making it as magical as you have imagined. Of course, having the perfect flowers will all depend on finding … Read More »

9 Wedding Flowers That Are Available All Year Round

Choosing wedding flowers that are in season can sometimes have an impact on the cost. If you are trying to keep costs down throughout your wedding, choosing in-season blooms could be one way of saving. Today we’re sharing nine gorgeous … Read More »


WOL Loves: Happy Sunflower Wedding Ideas

Is there a happier flower than a sunflower, we don’t think so! Nothing can beat those bright and cheerful blooms that scream summer to us. If you’re a little in love with them too you might be thinking of adding … Read More »

12 Adorable Flower Girl Accessories You’ll Both Love

Hopefully yesterdays post helped you find the perfect little dress for your flower girl. Today we’re finishing her look off with adorable accessories for her to wear and carry.  When it comes to flower girl accessories, the options are endless … Read More »


Our Favourite Romantic Rose Wedding Bouquets

I think they are the perfect wedding bouquet flower. Yes, you heard me, rose wedding bouquets are a thing. Read More »

WOL Loves: Perfect Pew End Ideas

Today we’re sharing lots of perfect pew end ideas from fabulous Irish florists and stylists.  When the time comes to think about the decor for your wedding day, often the reception is the space that gets the most attention. You … Read More »

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