She can kill with a smile…

…She can wound with her eyesShe can ruin your faith with her casual liesAnd she only reveals what she wants you to seeShe hides like a child,But she’s always a woman to me."-Billy Joel, She’s Always a WomanPhoto by Luisa … Read More »

Perfect Winter Bouquets

This muted pink, grey and cream bouquet, handtied and finished with a white satin ribbon and vintage-style diamonté brooch brings a softness and sophistication to any wedding gown, adding to it just a whisper of old world charm. This brilliant … Read More »


The Meaning of Your Wedding Bouquet

Vivid colours and various shapes make up the gorgeous flowers that we carry down the aisle, but did you know that each flower carries with it a symbol of how you and your new partners life together will play out? If you’re superstitious at all, here’s your guide on how to pick out the precise message you want to send out on your wedding day via a simple flower. Read More »



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