Perfect Non-Traditional Songs To Walk Down The Aisle To

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Genius Tips For Writing Your Wedding Vows

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What To Say At Your Sequel Wedding Ceremony

If you had a small wedding during Covid but you’re planning a bigger party, you need this! That’s exactly what a sequel wedding ceremony is all about.  Read More »


Where to Find Wedding Celebrants, Ministers and Solemnisers for Your Irish Wedding

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How To Get Married Legally in Ireland

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Unity Ceremony Ideas For Your Big Day

As two become one, you may be looking for a special way to demonstrate your love and commitment. A unity ceremony is a fabulous way of personalising this very special and significant commitment. Read More »

Wedding Traditions You Can Ditch (if you want to!)

When it comes to weddings, there are very few things that you have to do. Today I’d like to break the myth about three wedding traditions that you can totally ditch (if you want to!). Read More »

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