5 Fun Alternatives to Ring Pillows

Your wedding rings play a pretty big part in the wedding ceremony as they symbolise you and your hubby’s new status. Make sure they make their way to the altar in one piece (and in style) by investing in something pretty to perch them on. While we love the traditional ring pillow, we’ve come across some other interesting ways to have your ring bearer carry your rings up the aisle. Here’s five of our favourite… Read More »

Don’t Write on the Walls – An Interesting Vow Renewal in the US

Couple decide to renew their wedding vows by scrawling them on the walls of their house. Read More »


Music for your Wedding Ceremony – A Guide by The Vard Sisters

Today we’re delighted to welcome The Vard Sisters as our special guest bloggers! In this article, The Vard Sisters share their expertise on wedding ceremony music and tell us all we need to know about types of music to choose, and when and where it needs to go. Read More »

Ceremony Advice: Order and Duties

The quick and simple wedding run-down. By Lindsie Rowe Read More »


12 Month Catholic Mass Checklist

When it comes to a Catholic wedding, each detail is as important as the next. Follow this Catholic mass checklist for a beautiful, stress-free ceremony. Read More »

A pre-marriage course? For us?!

The benefits of a pre-marriage course explained by Fr. Pat Rogers Read More »

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