For Richer, for Poorer -Sorting your Finances as a Couple

Managing your finances as a couple. John Lowe is founder and managing director of Money Doctor, and author of the best-selling The Money Doctor Finance Annual 2011. Here, he broaches the sometimes controversial subject of finance in relationships and shows you how to deal with even the worst money matters. This article was first published in B Magazine, Spring 2011. Read More »

Catholic Church Weddings in Ireland

Find out what is involved in having a Catholic Church wedding in Ireland, from civil registration requirements to the pre-nuptial enquiry, Read More »


Civil Wedding Ceremonies in Ireland

Planning a civil wedding ceremony in Ireland, & wondering where to start? Find out what your options are in Ireland, and the format for a civil ceremony. Read More »

Ceremony Advice: Order and Duties

The quick and simple wedding run-down. By Lindsie Rowe Read More »


12 Month Catholic Mass Checklist

When it comes to a Catholic wedding, each detail is as important as the next. Follow this Catholic mass checklist for a beautiful, stress-free ceremony. Read More »

A pre-marriage course? For us?!

The benefits of a pre-marriage course explained by Fr. Pat Rogers Read More »

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