Rainy Wedding Day Prep: Luxury Umbrella Ideas

Rain on your wedding day mightn’t be the most welcome but it is good luck and something you can’t really do much about – except prepare for it! Instead of letting the wet stuff ruin your day why not keep … Read More »


5 Ways to Nail Your Wedding Speech

Wedding speech nerves? We’ve got you covered! Read More »

Your Wedding Video – Here’s Five Reasons You Need One!

A great videographer will tell the story of your wedding day through the tears, laughter, cheers and all the emotions. Luckily for you we have plenty of amazing ones to choose from, just follow this link and settle down to … Read More »


Fancy Giving a Brides Speech? You’ll Love These Tips!

It’s time to throw tradition out the window and speak from the heart! Today we’re saying yes to a brides speech and giving you all the hints and tips on having fun and making it memorable.  The simple fact is, … Read More »

Wedding Planning: How to Avoid Awkward Gaps of Time

If you have ever attended a wedding, you’ll know that the worst thing you can experience is long, awkward gaps of time where you’ve got nothing to do. Read More »


Wedding on a Budget? Here’s a Money Saving Tip!

This genius tip will save you money! Read More »

6 Wedding Planning Tasks You Won’t Need to do Straight Away

To make your life easier, we’ve created a list of wedding planning tasks you can put aside for now. These are things you will get to eventually, but they aren’t the first things on your list. So breathe out and put these tasks on hold for a while. Read More »

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