Irish Wedding Customs and Traditions

Beautiful Irish wedding customs and traditions you may want to add to your own wedding. Read More »

Who NOT to Hire as Your Wedding Photographer

Who not to hire as your wedding photographer? We start with a true story. Don’t let it happen to you. Read More »


Preparing for Marriage – How, Why, When?

Is preparing for marriage difficult? It doesn’t have to be. Read this. Read More »

Words of Wisdom from 2000 Dollar Wedding

Instead of saying, “What a beautiful bouquet,” the guests said, “What a beautiful love.” Words of wisdom from 2000 Dollar Wedding. Read More »


Wollies’ Dating Disasters

We love visiting the WeddingsOnline Forums for a look at the latest goings-on in our Wollie’s lives. It’s a great place to share wedding ideas and get advice on everything… and we really mean everything! Over the years, we have logged a … Read More »

Laser Eye Surgery Before Wedding – Stay Focused

Not all brides or grooms want to wear glasses on their big day. Is laser eye surgery before wedding a possible solution? Read More »

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