7 Ways to Save on Your Wedding Dress & Accessories – Wedding Budget Tips

When we first imagined our magical wedding day, many of us saw ourselves in our dress, as carefree and as beautiful as a bride should be. One word we weren’t thinking of was ‘compromise’. However a lot of us are having to pull up our boot straps and tighten our corsets in an effort to make our cash stretch that bit further for the big day, and one of the things we are forced (kicking and screaming) to look at, is the dress. But worry not my stylish-if-a-little-frightened friends, you have PLENTY of choices to make when cutting the cost of your dress! From renting your bridal accessories, to hitting the high street, to finding out that charity shops actually stock BRAND NEW wedding dresses, you’re in for a stylish surprise. [Featuring; Lady Lucy Bridal Accessories, Debenhams, Barnardos Bridal, Memories Bridal Boutique, Beloved Bridal] Read More »

ATTN Budget Savvy Brides! WOL gets the low down on Barnardos Bridal Rooms

Plenty of newly engaged brides are drawing up their budget and looking for places to save on their big day. But how do you compromise on the price of your wedding dress, without compromising on quality and style? We had a chat with Barnardos Bridal Rooms Manager, Bernadette Harrington and bridal consultant Catherine Murtagh, to find out what Barnardos Bridal Rooms has to offer the budget savvy and, more importantly, style savvy bride. Read More »


8 Budget-Friendly ways to make your Wedding Personal

Sometimes making a wedding day reflect you as a couple – your loves, interests, relationships, personalities – isn’t as easy for some as it is for others, and often can cost more than the budget will allow for comfortably. So we’ve compiled 8 simple and budget friendly ways to make your wedding personal to you and your guests. Read More »

The Real Wedding Budget

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15 Ways to Save For Your Wedding

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Useful Wedding Money Saving Tips

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