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Top Celebrity Engagements 2016

Celebrities – they’re just like us, especially when they get engaged. They beam with happiness, they put pics of rings on Instagram… and they get splashed all over the world media. Ok, maybe not that last part. If you’re looking for some ring ideas, or you simply like to look at pics of happy people, then read on – here’s our pick of the most notable celebrity engagements 2016!

Kathryn Thomas & Padraig McLoughlin

Image from

Some would say – why make an elaborate plan, when you can propose when she truly least expects it? Kathryn was quoted saying, ‘I was there with the hair scrapped back, in a dressing gown and white slippers eating a pack of peanuts is when it happened.’ After happy tears, she posted this sweet message on Twitter: ‘He didn’t find a perfect person that’s for sure, but he loves an imperfect person perfectly….so I said yes.’ Aww. The couple won’t be walking down the aisle until 2018 – so until then, we’ll just have to make do with ogling her gorgeous princess cut ring.

Pippa Middleton & James Matthews

Image courtesy of Hello Magazine

Some say that what the world needs now is love, sweet love – perhaps even in the form of another royal wedding? Or, in this case, semi-royal. Pippa Middleton and James Matthews announced their engagement in July, and surely we can expect Kate, Wills and Harry to attend the future ceremony. Whatever you think of the royals, the fashion parade will be worthy of attention for sure! James proposed in the Lake District during a romantic weekend away, and the ring has been described as ‘enormous’, ‘massive’, ‘dazzling’ and it definitely is all those things. The rumour has it the wedding will take place in May, although the date hasn’t been confirmed. We’re looking forward to it!

Pixie Lott & Oliver Cheshire

Above and main image from Pixie Lott’s Instagram

Oliver Cheshire must have been given some good advice from someone, because he proposed to Pixie Lott at a major London landmark – St Paul’s Cathedral. It’s like a guaranteed way to have an ‘awwww’ moment every time you see that building, and of course you’ll see it a lot, because it’s famous. They’ve been dating for six years, and they look like a couple that’s been put together by a casting agency – both impossibly beautiful with an added newly-engaged glow. Pixie said she cried her eyes out, and that’s actually true, because the moment was caught on camera by a lucky passer-by, who then lent Pixie a tissue! We’re now crossing our fingers for a wedding with an edge, resulting in at least one more pop star/model couple.

Brie Larson & Alex Greenwald

Image of Brie Larson on Saturday Night Live from Engagement Ring Bible

So, Brie Larson – we’re pretty sure she’ll remember 2016 as one of the best years of her life. She won 18 awards for her role in Room, including an Oscar, a Golden Globe and a Bafta. And if you add all the awards she’s also won for the same film in 2015, then we’re sure she had to rent a storage facility somewhere, because there isn’t a shelf long enough to display them all. And of course, the other thing – engagement to Alex Greenwald. If you haven’t heard of him, he’s very good looking and a lead singer of the band Phantom Planet. He proposed in March during a trip to Tokyo, after almost three years of dating – and the ring is a lovely bright solitaire diamond – which has not yet been properly photographed by a single paparazzo, so we have the SNL shot for you above – the best of the bunch. Will the groom perform at his own wedding? Only time will tell!

Kylie Minogue & Joshua Sasse

Image courtesy of

They met in September 2015 and announced their engagement in February 2016 with a wee little note in the Daily Telegraph. Rumour has it, they’d actually gotten engaged in December, but kept it quiet! Well, when you know, you know. Much has been made of their age difference (he’s 20 years younger than she is), but looking at Kylie, you’d never guess it. We’re loving the ring – it’s a square stone surrounded by smaller squares, quite unusual and allegedly Art Deco inspired. The wedding date remains to be set, as the couple have said they won’t marry until Australia legalises same-sex marriage.

Julia Stiles & Preston J. Cook

Image of the ring from Julia’s Instagram

Christmas Eve 2015 was when Preston Cook popped the question to the lovely Julia. If you haven’t heard of Preston, that’s because he works behind the scenes. He’s a camera assistant, with his most recent and notable film being The Revenant (yes, the one where Leo got his Oscar at last). Now, this is the same arrangement as Julia Roberts (another Julia!) has with her husband Danny Moder, also a camera man, and they’ve been married for 14 years. Julia Stiles has told People magazine she’s in no hurry with her planning, and hasn’t been getting a lot of unsolicited advice either. Lucky girl! The ring is a gorgeous round stone framed by gold, reportedly with a $35k price tag. We love it – it’s very girly and yet a bit unusual.

Miranda Kerr & Evan Spiegel

Image from Miranda Kerr’s Instagram

Miranda Kerr is a lucky girl! Her first husband was Orlando Bloom with whom she had a gorgeous son. She’s a supermodel. And she’s now engaged to the billionaire founder of Snapchat, Evan Spiegel, since July. As it is 2016, they used Instagram to make the announcement, which was quickly picked up by the press. Someone who knows the groom-to-be has allegedly said Miranda loves being with someone who’s so non-Hollywood, smart and ambitious. And he certainly showed his traditional tastes with the ring – it’s a classic round 2.5 carat stone. It would make sense for the wedding to be Snapchatted all the way through – time will tell!

Amanda Seyfried & Thomas Sadoski
Image of the ring from Vogue

Mamma mia, Amanda Seyfried is engaged! And she’s also recently announced she’s pregnant! The engagement happened in September, six months after she met Thomas Sadoski for the second time to work on a film The Last Word. Their first meeting was a play they did together in 2015. We think we’re seeing a trend for understated diamonds this year, because Amanda’s ring has been described as simple and delicate (even Vogue wrote an article in defence of it!). We probably won’t hear the wedding bells until after the baby is born but she looks like an angel in everything she wears, so we’ll be dying to see the dress!

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