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Changing Your Surname in Ireland

Now that you’re married, it’s time to ask the question: how do you go about changing your surname in Ireland? You might be surprised to find out that it’s a lot less complicated than you think. In today’s blog post we’ll go through a short checklist of everything you should be aware of.

First up, you should know that changing your surname in Ireland is not a legal requirement. So, you don’t actually have to change your surname if you don’t want to. Many brides are choosing to keep their maiden name and that is totally alright.

Secondly, changing your surname in Ireland is remarkably simple. You can literally just start using your new surname. Your marriage certificate acts as proof of the name change, so you’ll need plenty of copies of it. We recommend taking your marriage certificate with you when you change your name at the following places:

Passport Office – You’ll apply for a brand new passport and submit your previous one.

Motor Taxation Office – If you have a driver’s license, you’ll still need to submit a Full Application. Take your marriage certificate, PPS numbers, proof of address, current driver’s license and two passport size photos.

Revenue Office – Take along a copy of your marriage certificate, your date of marriage, yours and your husband’s PPS numbers.

Bank – You’ll need your marriage certificate for this one too. The name on your cards will change but you should retain the same card numbers. If you have any standing orders, check that the numbers are the same.

Building Society – This is only necessary if you have a mortgage.

Healthcare Establishments – Make sure you change your name with your doctor, dentist, department of health and social security.

Employer – This is so that your new name will reflect on your company payroll and you’ll get a new email address and business cards.


Other places to change your name

Social media – This is less complicated and way more fun, but you shouldn’t forget to update your name on social media.

Clubs and societies – If you are part of any clubs, societies or groups, change your name so that all correspondence goes to the correct person.


What about Deed Poll?

If you are opting for a double-barrelled name or you are swapping your maiden name for something totally new (like a merged form of your surname and your husband’s), you’ll need a form that states that you have changed your given name to a new married name. This is known as a Deed Poll.

You can do this by enrolling the Deed Poll in the Central Office of the High Court. It will get filed along with your birth certificate, proving that your name has been legally changed.


The costs of changing your surname in Ireland

Passport – €80

Bank cards – €6+

Driving license – Free

Deed Poll – €30


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