Check Out These Different Wedding Traditions


One age old tradition that doesn’t change – a couple declaring their love for each other in front of some friends and family.  But how they choose to seal the deal can certainly vary.

Couple Photography has documented many a wedding and seen couples mix things up a bit, especially with the morning prep.

Whoever said you had to have an all girl crew as your bridesmaids? WHAT ABOUT THE BRIDESMEN? They have no problem wearing a bit of pink in the morning if the bubbly and craic is flowing.


Couple Photography


Who said the bride had to wear a wedding dress? Not only can you be ultra glamorous and shine wearing trousers,  but on a practical level – it makes it easier for you to walk around especially at your city centre wedding.


Couple Photography


As a bride, who said you can’t perfect your own makeup and hair? If you are a natural at it and and prefer a calmer morning, there is nothing wrong with planning your own wedding day look.


Couple Photography


As a groom, who said you can’t have some pampering too on the morning of your wedding?


Couple Photography


And most important of all, who said you can’t belly laugh at least once on your wedding day?

Couple Photography as Ireland’s top wedding photographers love to document your day – your way, and create some show stopping photos that you will treasure forever.

Ros loves to hear all your wedding plans and with amazing weddingsonline reviews, they are a popular choice so get in touch.

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