The weddingsonline Official Guidebook for Covid Wedding Advice


(Published 5th June 2020, updated 20th October 2021)

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Covid Wedding Advice: Our Official Guidebook

From 22nd October (Updated on 20th October):

No more capacity limits.

No more curfews.

Live music is permitted.

Dancing is permitted.

Guests will not need a Covid Certificate to attend a wedding.

Click here and here for more details.


Update from 31st August 2021

Notable changes, from 6th September:

Indoor venues can operate at 60% capacity for events for those who are vaccinated, while outdoor events can operate at 75% capacity for those who are vaccinated.

Live music indoors will return at weddings and the ban on dancing will be lifted.

Live entertainment may take place at the wedding reception and ceremony.

Click here, here and here for more details.

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Wedding Planning During Covid and Lockdown

Take a look at our expert advice on all things Covid and weddings. For more, click here!


Is it OK to Keep Gifts From Uninvited Wedding Guests?

Let’s say a year ago you invited 120 guests to your wedding. Then weeks or even days before the Big Day, new restrictions were enforced, causing you to adjust your guest list. You’ve already had to have those awkward conversations, telling your loved ones they are no longer invited. But there’s one more question on your mind: Is it OK to keep gifts from uninvited wedding guests?

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Casual Bridal Outfits For Your Lockdown Wedding?

We’ve seen this question pop up a number of times in our Facebook community recently… I’ve already got my dress for my big wedding, but what can I wear when I say ‘I Do’ during lockdown? Well, if you’re looking for casual bridal outfits, we’ve got you covered. We’ve turned to the experts, the Irish bridal fashion suppliers, to share their casual bridal outfits! A stunning white playsuit, a simple wedding dress, or something that still makes you look and feel like a queen. Whatever style you’re after, there’s something for you.

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How to Covid-Proof Your Wedding Invitations

You might be re-working your wedding invitations for the first time, or maybe you’re on your third amendment thanks to the always-changing Covid-19 wedding regulations. Wherever you are at, the important thing is not to worry or panic. Together we will get through this and out the other side, you just need to have some patience and keep your cool. 

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Stylish Wedding Face Masks and Coverings

If you are getting married amidst a global pandemic, face masks and coverings will be on your list! But don’t worry, they don’t have to be the disposable, blue, medical kind you’ve been wearing to the grocery store. However you choose to celebrate your Big Day, face masks may be required. So we’ve gathered some beautiful options for you!

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How to Livestream Your Wedding

Including which platforms to use, how to invite your guests, which equipment you’ll need, some creative ideas, and livestream wedding etiquette for couples.

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The Best Ways to Communicate Important Information to Your Wedding Guests

Planning a wedding amidst a pandemic is no easy task. There will likely be changes to your plans and lots of questions directed at you. We’ve made a list of the best ways to communicate important information to your wedding guests. Whether you are changing your date or location, adjusting your guestlist or simply wanting to reassure everybody that the wedding is still on, we’ve got you covered!

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Ways to Save Money if You’re Having a Small Wedding

For anybody who is having to navigate wedding planning during Covid, I feel for you! Well, I’ve got some really helpful tips for you on how to save money if you’re having a smaller wedding. This means you’ve got one less thing to stress about.

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Working from Home and Planning your Wedding

These days, couples are expected to work from home, while also finding time to eat, sleep, exercise, socialise (safely) and plan their wedding. Even just typing that out was tiring! If you are feeling burnt out, we don’t blame you. So here are some helpful tips on how to balance working from home and planning your wedding…

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How to Downsize Your Wedding Guest List for Covid

With so many challenges to overcome, the last thing you’ll feel like doing is cutting your guest list. Government guidelines are in place to protect us, so if you are in a position where you need to downsize your wedding guest list, we’ve got some helpful tips on what to do.

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Two-Part Weddings: The Perfect Covid Compromise

Do the legal bit now and celebrate with everybody later. Here’s how!

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Super Cute Socially Distanced Wedding Ideas

For anybody who is throwing a socially distanced wedding, there’s a lot to think about. There are some pretty sweet ways to keep your guests safe. From cute signage with clever phrases, to individually packaged confetti cones and mini charcuterie boards… we just know you’ll love these utterly adorable socially distanced wedding ideas!

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How does Covid-19 affect my wedding?

We’ve gathered some helpful information and advice to keep you informed. We’ve included information on who can help you make the decision on whether to postpone your wedding, what to do about destination weddings and honeymoons, and how to communicate if you do choose to postpone. All your covid wedding advice and government guidelines here!

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Tips for couples planning a wedding during Covid

If you are planning your wedding during this uncertain time, we’ve got some great wedding planning tips for you! Covid-19 has caused a lot of couples to feel unsettled, and we don’t blame you if you’re one of them. Our wedding suppliers have provided some fantastic wedding planning tips and covid wedding advice – things to consider if you are supposed to get married within the next 12 weeks, what to do if you choose to postpone your wedding, and how to make the most of the extra time on your hands!

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It’s possible to plan a wedding during Covid

It’s totally possible to plan your wedding during this crazy time. In fact, with more time on your hands, now may be the best time to be inspired. We’ve got some encouraging words from our suppliers as well as some super practical ways to keep inspired. Our suppliers are being super creative during the Coronavirus crisis and offering some fantastic ways to stay in touch with them digitally!

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Postponements and Changing the Date

How to celebrate your original wedding date

For anybody with a postponed wedding, there are ways you can still celebrate your original date! From exchanging love letters to enjoying your wedding cake and hosting a virtual cocktail hour, there are lots of things you can do to commemorate your original wedding date!

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Weekday weddings

Due to Covid-19, lots of couples are having to reschedule their weddings. We can’t begin to imagine how overwhelming this task must be, so we are here to offer the perfect solution. If you’ve even started to consider rescheduling, you have probably encountered the same issue as plenty of other couples – finding the right date. With popular dates, like Saturdays in Summer, filling up quickly, lots of couples are opting for weekday weddings!

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Lockdown microweddings

Lots of couples are finding creative ways to exchange vows on their original date in a microwedding hosted on Zoom! We’ve asked registered solemnisers to share the legal requirements and what your options are for getting married safely during lockdown.

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With so many couples having to change their wedding plans because of Covid, everybody is navigating the topic of correctly communicating with guests and suppliers. This is where the change-the-date comes in!

Read here: What is a “Change-the-Date”?


Email templates to use if you’ve changed wedding plans

Due to the government’s safety guidelines, postponing, rescheduling and replanning is on the cards for lots of couples! This is a tricky thing to navigate and you might find yourself unsure of where to start.

Our advice is to begin by having open conversations with your key suppliers. Select four or five dates that you’d be willing to postpone to before contacting anybody. Then see if your suppliers are available on any of these dates. These email templates will help you to have open, flexible conversations with those who are bringing your wedding dreams to life!

Read here: Email Templates You Can Use If You’ve Changed Wedding Plans Because of Covid


How to host a socially distanced wedding

No matter what stage of lockdown you’re in, we’ve got some socially distanced wedding ideas for you! Some couples are choosing to celebrate in some way on their original wedding date, so we’ve rounded up some fun ways you can do just that!

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Your wedding dress

Your wedding dress and Covid-19

Our Covid wedding advice would be incomplete without addressing what to do about your wedding dress! Here’s what you need to know about your Wedding Dress!

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Storing your wedding dress

With a new date set and plans on hold, you might be wondering about storing your wedding dress to ensure it’s still in perfect condition for your new date.

Read here: Storing Your Wedding Dress: The Do’s and Don’ts


Your suppliers

How to support your suppliers during Covid

Things are pretty tough right now for couples, their families and their suppliers. We’ve got a few ideas for ways that you can support your suppliers during this uncertain time. We love our suppliers and we know you do too! They are the ones who bring wedding dreams to life!

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Hair and Beauty

Virtual Wedding Events

So many couples have had to postpone, reschedule or adjust their wedding plans because of Covid and lockdown. We love that this isn’t stopping anybody from celebrating! From microweddings to virtual wedding events to celebrate their love, couples are embracing the challenge. We love that!

When the day comes, you are going to find such value in having a professional makeup artist and hairstylist on your bridal team (we can’t stress this enough!). But in the meantime, here are some expert tips and tutorial videos to follow!

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Avoid these Mistakes

After being in lockdown for long enough, you’ve probably heard yourself uttering the words “Don’t look at my roots!”. As tempting as it is to dye your hair, overtweeze or mix shaving and waxing, our experts will urge you to think otherwise. Here are a few at home beauty mistakes you might not have thought to avoid! But with your wedding around the corner, now’s the time to exercise a little restraint. Your hairstylist and makeup artist will thank you.

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Virtual Hen Party

How to Throw a Virtual Hen Party

If your bestie is getting married (or was due to get married) soon, then social distancing has probably thrown off your hen party plans. But with modern technology and amazing online tools like Zoom and Google hangouts, there’s no reason you can’t throw a virtual hen party. This is a fab way to celebrate with the bride-to-be, pamper her from afar and make her feel special!

We highly recommend a virtual hen party, so here are some fun ideas for you! From accessories to activities and more…

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