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A Sunny Destination Wedding in Spain by Owen Farrell

“We saw the Northern Lights in a private hot pool under the stars!”

The couple: Ross and Sarah WorthLength of engagement: 2 years | Wedding date: 9th October 2015Wedding location: Antequera, Spain

Photographer: Owen Farrell Photography

2-Spaghetti-Strap-Wedding-Dress-Sarah-Foy-Designs3-Real-Destination-Wedding-Marbella-Spain4-Real-Groom-Spanish-Wedding-Owen-Farrell5-Wedding-Morning-Getting-Ready-Groom6-Wedding-Style-Groom-CufflinksWe met… Funnily, in Tenerife! We briefly met while both holidaying in Tenerife and after a long conversation, realised that it was unusual we had never met before. We went to the same university with classes in the same building, worked in the same shopping centre only two doors away from each other, and went out in Dublin to the same nightclubs! Yet it took flying 4.5 hours away for us to finally meet!7-Bride-Getting-Ready-Make-Up-Wedding-Morning8-Fun-Wedding-Photography-Bride-Big-Hair-Hairspray9-Bride-Wedding-Make-Up-Morning-Marbella-Wedding11-Beach-Wedding-Trends-Foot-Jewellery-Ankle-Bracelet-Bride17-Black-White-Wedding-Photography-Bride-PortraitOur proposal… Ross proposed beautifully! He did it in our house, with over 100 lit candles and rose petals. I was rushing home from work because he told me we had dinner reservations with his parents. However, he specifically asked me to let him know when I was leaving work, and of course I forgot, so I arrived unannounced to the front door and he told me I had to wait outside in the rain! He didn’t explain why, just shut the door and left me there! About 10 minutes later he let me in and I walked into our whole living room and kitchen covered in candles and rose petals, with a little wooden box on the table surrounded by roses. I thought he was just messing, then he got down on one knee and I just balled my eyes out! I was so happy! It was perfect!12-Bride-Bridesmaid-Jewellery-Getting-Ready-Marbella13-Real-Wedding-Marbella-Owen-Farrell14-Bride-Sarah-Foy-Designs-Wedding-Dress15-Friendship-Quotes-Wedding-Day16-Wedding-Ceremony-Marbella-Spain-Destination18-Real-Bride-Sarah-Foy-Designs-Wedding-DressMy dress… Was beautiful. Sarah Foy Couture custom made it. It was a grecian/beachy style in a creamy/ivory colour with a lace bodice and flowing chiffon shirt.10-Groom-Navy-Three-Piece-Suit-Marbella-Spain-Wedding19-Destination-Wedding-Photography-Marbella-Spain20-Destination-Wedding-Marbella-Music-Ceremony21-Groom-Waiting-for-Bride-Destination-Wedding-SpainHis suit… Was a lovely deep blue colour with a white shirt and tie. The groomsmen had different colour bow ties to match their respective bridesmaid’s shoes!22-Arriving-Altar-Wedding-Ceremony-Outdoor-Spain25-Real-Wedding-Destination-Marbella-Owen-Farrell-Photography23-Wedding-Ceremony-Outdoor-Mountains-Spain27-Wedding-Ceremony-Marbella-Outdoors-Owen-Farrell-Photography24-Hotel-Convento-de-la-Magdalena-Wedding-Marbella-Spain26-Real-Wedding-Hotel-Convento-de-la-Magdalena-Marbella-Spain28-Outdoor-Wedding-Ceremony-Marbella-Spain-Owen-Farrell-PhotographyOur ceremony… Was officiated by a friend of ours. We just thought it would make it so much more personal. We had it outside on the grass, overlooking the mountains.29-Outdoor-Wedding-Ceremony-Malaga-Spain (1)29-Outdoor-Wedding-Ceremony-Malaga-Spain (2)29-Outdoor-Wedding-Ceremony-Malaga-Spain (3)29-Outdoor-Wedding-Ceremony-Malaga-Spain (4)Destination-Wedding-Photography-Malaga-Spain-Owen-Farrell-Photography (2)What our bridal party wore… The bridesmaids wore deep purple dresses with different colour colourful shoes! The style matched my dress with a chiffon skirt and tight bodice.Destination-Wedding-Photography-Malaga-Spain-Owen-Farrell-Photography (3)Destination-Wedding-Photography-Malaga-Spain-Owen-Farrell-Photography (1)Destination-Wedding-Photography-Malaga-Spain-Owen-Farrell-Photography (4)Destination-Wedding-Photography-Malaga-Spain-Owen-Farrell-Photography (5)Destination-Wedding-Photography-Malaga-Spain-Owen-Farrell-Photography (6)We chose our photographer because… I chose Owen Farrell Photography. He was absolutely brilliant. I just received my photos the other day and they are absolutely beautiful. I couldn’t be happier with how they turned out. Owen was an absolutely fantastic help with everything on the day and he went above and beyond what we paid him for. He even sourced some make-up artists for me when I was having difficulty! I would recommend him in a heartbeat to anyone!Destination-Wedding-Spain-Malaga-Hotel-Convento-de-la-Magdalena (1)Destination-Wedding-Spain-Malaga-Hotel-Convento-de-la-Magdalena (2)Destination-Wedding-Spain-Malaga-Hotel-Convento-de-la-Magdalena (3)Destination-Wedding-Spain-Malaga-Hotel-Convento-de-la-Magdalena (4)Destination-Wedding-Spain-Malaga-Hotel-Convento-de-la-Magdalena (5)Destination-Wedding-Spain-Malaga-Hotel-Convento-de-la-Magdalena (6)We chose our venue because… We fell in love with Hotel Convento De La Magdalena at first sight when we spoke to a representative at a wedding show in Dublin. It was exactly what we wanted in our venue, it was rustic, in a beautiful setting in the mountains and was remote.31-Foodie-Wedding-Spanish-Tapas-Canapes-Ideas32-Spanish-Wedding-Sunny-Destination-Guests33-Bouquet-Toss-Shadow-Destination-Wedding-Spain34-Alternative-Bouquet-Toss-Photo-Shadow-Wedding-Photography-Owen-Farrell35-Alternative-Wedding-Photography-Silhouettes-Bride-Bridesmaids36-Fun-alternative-wedding-photography-groom-groomsmemOur menu… The hotel served fantastic food for the  day event. All of the guests are still raving about it to this day! The cake was made by Susan from Wedding Cakes in Spain, we went for a top tier of delicious lemon sponge and then a variety of flavoured cupcakes – all of which were gluten free for the select few coeliac guests.39-Marbella-Wedding-Photographer-Spain40-Marbella-Wedding-Photographer-Spain-Owen-Farrell-Marbella-Malaga41-Destination-Wedding-Malaga-Owen-Farrell-Photography (1)41-Destination-Wedding-Malaga-Owen-Farrell-Photography (2)41-Destination-Wedding-Malaga-Owen-Farrell-Photography (3)41-Destination-Wedding-Malaga-Owen-Farrell-Photography (4)41-Destination-Wedding-Malaga-Owen-Farrell-Photography (5)41-Destination-Wedding-Malaga-Owen-Farrell-Photography (6)Our honeymoon… We went to Iceland for our honeymoon. We chose it because we both had always wanted to visit (especially myself because I am a geologist). It was perfect. We saw the Northern Lights in a private hot pool under the stars!45-Real-Destination-Wedding-Marbella-Spain-Owen-Farrell-Photography (14)45-Real-Destination-Wedding-Marbella-Spain-Owen-Farrell-Photography (15)45-Real-Destination-Wedding-Marbella-Spain-Owen-Farrell-Photography (16)45-Real-Destination-Wedding-Marbella-Spain-Owen-Farrell-Photography (17)45-Real-Destination-Wedding-Marbella-Spain-Owen-Farrell-Photography (18)45-Real-Destination-Wedding-Marbella-Spain-Owen-Farrell-Photography (2)45-Real-Destination-Wedding-Marbella-Spain-Owen-Farrell-Photography (3)45-Real-Destination-Wedding-Marbella-Spain-Owen-Farrell-Photography (6)45-Real-Destination-Wedding-Marbella-Spain-Owen-Farrell-Photography (7)45-Real-Destination-Wedding-Marbella-Spain-Owen-Farrell-Photography (8)My favourite part of the wedding day… I know it sounds cliché, but I loved the first time I saw Ross standing at the altar when I was walking up. I was quite nervous prior, and seeing him there with a big smile on his face really calmed my nerves!45-Real-Destination-Wedding-Marbella-Spain-Owen-Farrell-Photography (9)45-Real-Destination-Wedding-Marbella-Spain-Owen-Farrell-Photography (10)45-Real-Destination-Wedding-Marbella-Spain-Owen-Farrell-Photography (11)45-Real-Destination-Wedding-Marbella-Spain-Owen-Farrell-Photography (12)45-Real-Destination-Wedding-Marbella-Spain-Owen-Farrell-Photography (13)45-Real-Destination-Wedding-Marbella-Spain-Owen-Farrell-Photography (4)45-Real-Destination-Wedding-Marbella-Spain-Owen-Farrell-Photography (5)My piece of advice for other brides… Don’t get bogged down in everything. If you can’t have something, or something falls through last minute, don’t worry about it. Something else will come along, and you’ll be surprised that most of the time, the new way is better than your planned way!

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