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DIY Designer Petal Sandal a la Carrie Bradshaw

DIY designer petal sandal

Found on fashion blogger Maegan Tintari’s site,, this DIY designer petal sandal project is perfect – easy to do, economical and looks far more expensive than it is. We won’t tell if you don’t! When you’re done, your fave sandals will definitely catch that Carrie Bradshaw vibe (and nobody will know it’s on a budget).

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  • Strappy sandals (heels or flats)
  • About one yard sheer fabric
  • Scissors
  • Needle and thread
  • 6/8 inches of matching ribbon
  • Velcro

DIY designer petal sandal


Step 1: Cut out three petal bases for each shoe – about 3-1/2 inches at their widest.

Step 2: Try on the shoes and measure strap to strap – cut ribbon adding about 2 inches to each end. Mark with pins where to begin and end petals.

DIY designer petal sandal

Step 3: Cut out 3 inches single petals or as many as you need. They don’t have to be perfect – a bit of frayed edges adds great texture.

DIY designer petal sandal

Step 4: Stitch three bases onto the ribbon, one at a time, pinching a bit to pucker.

DIY designer petal sandal

Step 5: Add single petals on top of the bases, filling in the spaces and adding volume.  It’s up to you how fluffy you want them.

Step 6: Cut out and stitch on Velcro (burn edges of ribbon to prevent from fraying).

DIY designer petal sandal

And voila! You have your designer shoes at a fraction of the price!

DIY designer petal sandal

Of course this isn’t the end of creativity. You could make this DIY designer petal sandal in all colours of the rainbow. You could even add some matching fluff to a handbag to carry along. Or how about turning this into a fun DIY project for you and the bridesmaids? You could all wear matching shoes, but make them all different with a variety of colours and fabrics. Beautiful!

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