Dress Code Wording For Your Wedding Website

Planning & Advice

Your wedding website is the perfect place to share all the important details about your wedding. This includes detailed directions to the venue, your gift registry and of course, the dress code. If your wedding invitation includes a note like “Black Tie Optional”, guests may have questions about what that means. Your wedding website is a great space to include dress code wording to bring clarity. You can use this space to write directions and information more casually.

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Where to put the dress code

Right underneath your welcome message, there should be a section of your website will essential wedding day details (things like your date, venue and time). We recommend using the common dress code terminology, along with a brief description. If you feel that more details are required, include those in your FAQ page.

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Dress code wording

Here’s how to lay out the information on your wedding website:

State the official dress code terminology, ie Semi-Formal

Insert a link to the FAQ page

Add a note, like this: Might we suggest that men wear a long or short-sleeved shirt with trousers or a suit and tie, and ladies wear a sundress, jumpsuit or midi dress.


What to say on your FAQ page

Your FAQ page is a great space to provide more details, particularly if there’s something specific you want guests to wear (or not wear).


Is there a dress code?

Use this space to let guests know what the dress code is and suggest specifics (like if your ceremony will be on the beach or your venue won’t allow blue jeans). Give guests good clues on what to wear, based on the time of day, the weather and your wedding style.


Is there a style or colour you would prefer me to wear?

Here’s where you can encourage or discourage specific colours and styles. Be clear and helpful, but not commanding. We’re seeing lots of couples be quite prescriptive with their dress code wording, like ‘whimsical garden party’ or by asking everybody to wear all white.