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10 Things Every Bride Worries About (But Shouldn’t)

What’s the worst that can happen? You fall on your face, your reception is so boring even the crashers will leave, or your uncle will cause drunken mayhem? It all might happen, but most likely won’t. Here are 10 things you can banish from your mind – every bride worries about them, and later realises she shouldn’t have. Chin up. Your big day will be awesome.

Where are all the RSVPs, do the guests secretly hate me?

Ok, here’s the cold hard truth. The answer is NO. They don’t hate you. RSVPs are simply one of those unexplained mysteries that will never be solved, sort of like Stonehenge or the Bermuda Triangle. We are pretty sure there hasn’t been a single bride (since invitations became a thing) who has received all the RSVPs before the deadline. Why this happens is anyone’s guess. I’ll do it later? The dog ate it? It’s so pretty, I couldn’t bear to send it away? Don’t worry about it, and do this instead: give the list of non-repliers to your other half and let them deal with it. You’ve got more fun things to do.

I just know I’ll fall on my face

Let’s examine the evidence. You never wear high heels in your life, but your bridal pair is so high, it should be illegal? Get them out of the closet and start practising today. Do you get all clumsy when you know all eyes are on you? That will happen only twice on your wedding day: when walking down and up the aisle, and at first dance. The walking you’ll be doing really slowly, and as long as there’s no obstacle course in the way, you’ll be just fine. As for the dance, opt for a slow number, one that doesn’t require too much fancy footwork or avoid altogether (it’s one of those traditions that some couples are doing away with anyway). The rest of the time, you’ll be sitting down or hardly anyone will be watching you, because they’ll be busy doing the usual guest things. That doesn’t seem so bad now, does it?

Photo from Chris & Gaynor’s real wedding by Memories Photography by Magda

Does someone really have to hold up my dress while I pee?

Well, that depends entirely on the dress, of course. If it barely fits into the cubicle, you may have to think creatively. This is very funny in wedding movies, in real life the cringe factor is pretty high for most brides. Again, we have two solutions. First is dependant on the venue. Do you have a suite? Then don’t use the public toilet, go to the suite and use your private one. You’ll get away with anything there, as you’ll have room to move around and keep the dress out of the way. The second solution is even simpler. You can pee on your own if you sit on the toilet facing the tank. That’s it. Your dress will stay behind you, so there won’t be anything to lift. Genius, eh?

Will my buffet run out of food?

It is entirely possible that the most popular items will be snapped up quite quickly. That’s life! But don’t worry about the guests, because they’ll simply take more of something else when they go back for seconds. However, if the mere thought gives you sleepless nights, here are two simple remedies. First, ask the caterer which food is the most popular, and order more of it. To balance the cost, order less of something else. The other solution is to make sure there are servers at each station. The guests won’t pile their plates, but they’ll get the perfect amount of everything. The servers can be provided by the caterer or by the venue. Solved!

Someone else will wear white

Sure, that’s a possibility. But realistically most guests know wearing white to someone else’s wedding is a no-no. If you suspect someone will try to do this, use the powers of Chinese whispers to send a message. Like, get your mam to talk to her mam and just mention it casually while discussing wedding blunders or similar. You can also look at it this way: the only one in a wedding gown will be you. That’s pretty hard to confuse with just a white dress.

It will be so boring, everyone will leave early

Ah yes, that vision of a reception room that looks like everyone fled halfway through dessert. Nothing but tumbleweeds and a small quivering voice ‘where did everyone go?’ Really, is that actually likely? Of course not! People love dessert, so they’ll stay for that at least. Ok, all joking aside, every bride worries about it but shouldn’t. Your guests know exactly what to expect: ceremony, a bit of waiting around while the photos are getting done (some canapes and beverages would be nice here), then speeches, dinner and dancing. The golden rule is, don’t stretch the time too much between each main event, and make sure the DJ or band play some fail-proof tunes right from the start. That’s it. It’s really that simple.

I will probably stain my dress with something

Every bride worries about this, but with a little clever planning, it can be easily avoided. Have all the coffee, chocolate and red wine you need before you put the dress on. Once you’re wearing the dress, avoid foods that stain. At the reception, drink white wine and other light coloured beverages. But… you know what? Many brides were surprised at the end of the day how dirty their dress got, especially if they walked around outside during the photo sesh. It’s just part of the day, and it won’t make a difference to how lovely your day will be. But if you want to be prepared just in case, here’s some good spot-removal advice.

Above image from Adrienne & Pauric’s real wedding by Claudia Casal – Hello Twiggs

Wedding crashers

Worried about your cousin rocking up with his new girlfriend of one week? Unexpected guests is something that hopefully won’t be an issue when your Big Day rolls round but if on the off chance someone does the unthinkable and brings along a surprise plus one, the hotel will be able to magic a seat for them somewhere – problem sorted! Worried about randomers? We googled ‘are wedding crashers real’ and there were 2,800,000 results. In the grand scheme of things, that’s very little. If you spot a crasher, grab your other half and go have a chat all together? But in all seriousness, there is only one scenario you have to worry about, and that is a crasher stealing your cards or gifts. Luckily, there is a solution: make sure the venue provides a secure locked area where everything can be stored until after the reception. Then, you can take everything up to your room.

Dreading drunken disorder

There’s more than likely going to be drunken shenanigans in some shape or form so don’t waste a minute worrying about it – people almost expect it at weddings. If you’re worried you’ll end up too tipsy, just make sure to get plenty of water in between the champers… and eat!

It will rain on the day of my wedding, I know it!

Ok, so if you’re getting married in Ireland, it’s quite likely. But what do you do on other rainy days? You prepare. Every bride worries about this (especially those with outdoor weddings), but it’s really no big deal. Your photos will look extra romantic, and you can get some of those perfect brolly shots too. Treat yourself to a pair of wedding wellies while you’re shopping. If you just want a little extra reassurance, call your suppliers and ask ‘what do you do in case it rains?’ You’ll be delighted to learn they already have a plan for every eventuality.

every bride worries

Main image from Gillian & Andrew’s real wedding by McMahon Studios

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