Expert Tips for Brides Doing Their Own Makeup

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If you are getting married amidst Covid and lockdown, you may find yourself having to do your own makeup on your wedding day. We’ve enlisted the help of our fabulous makeup artists to get their expert tips on exactly how to prep your skin and look your absolute best on your Big Day. If you want to know how to look hydrated and glowing, you’re in the right place!


Have mini products in your bag

Beauty by Nichole

During your trial make sure to find the perfect lipstick shade for your big day so you can then purchase the same one to keep in your bag for topping up on your wedding day! Make sure to have mini products of what you’re wearing on the day to put into your bridesmaids bags for topping you up throughout the day.



Give yourself lots of time on the morning

Give yourself LOADS of time on the morning. The last thing you want is to be put under pressure and rushing. The best situation would be to have your makeup finished nice and early so that you can just do a touch up then later when you’re about to get into your dress or about to leave. Having plenty of time will allow you to enjoy sitting down and having some relaxed time, perhaps with a glass of bubbly!

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Water and antihistamines


I always recommend brides to carry a pack of antihistamines. Anxiety can make the skin flare up and cause eyes to water, so one of these would help keep the skin calm and help the morning to flow more smoothly!


Water is a must for healthy-looking, so at least a month before, drink as much as possible!



Go a bit extra

Whilst I understand that a lot of brides want to look as natural as possible, I would advise going a little bit extra with your makeup as it really does have to last for at least 12 hours.  This is normally ok with most brides as they understand that this is not the daily makeup and that they will have their hair done, typically be wearing a white/ivory dress and will need that extra bit of blusher/bronzer to make sure that they are glowing and gorgeous. Not forgetting that they will be having hundreds of photos taken, and flash photography can really wipe out a lot of the makeup in pictures.



Don’t skip the blush

Makeup by Asta
Don’t skip the Blush. There’s nothing that can take the place of a great blush, it’s like a little miracle worker that gives your complexion a vibrant, healthy glow.

If you are a bride with dry skin, try cream blush. Just use your ring finger to dab it into the apples of your cheeks. It will give you a dewy glow that won’t get flaky or patchy.

If you have normal/oily skin, the classic powder blush works wonders. Use an angled brush for easier application, smile into the mirror and apply it on the highest points of your cheeks slightly blending it into the contour.


Wear a button-down shirt

Helen for The Powder Room Girls

Before you start to think about makeup you need a good skincare regime in place. I would recommend a double cleanse followed by a good toner that will break down dead and dull skin followed by a luxurious moisturiser.

Don’t forget to always wear a button-down shirt so you won’t smudge your makeup or destroy your hair.


Be yourself

Sara Duffy

Be yourself – it’s a bit of a cliché, but it’s that because it’s true. No groom wants to be standing at the top of the aisle waiting for their bride and not recognise her as she approaches them. Don’t stray too far away from what you would usually go for. Your bridal makeup artist will be able to enhance your best features and ensure that you look like the best version of you!


Prep and Prime

MakeUp by GC

One of my main tips when it comes to bridal is a combination of two words PREP + PRIME.

Up first is PREP – Makeup is a magical thing however it can only do so much, therefore we need to do some work on the lead up to the big day to get that radiant bridal glow that we all want and create a smooth, hydrated canvas before our makeup application.  You have probably heard this over and over, but here it is again. Drink loads of water.


Up next PRIME – One more step before you get that foundation brush out. Just like you wouldn’t paint your nails without applying a base coat you don’t want to apply your foundation without using a primer.   Priming the skin ~ Think smooth canvas for your foundation and longevity for your overall makeup, without it you’re increasing the chances of your makeup creasing and wearing off.



Take your wedding season into consideration


Take your wedding season into consideration. A summer bridal look would be a beautiful sun-kissed bronzed skin and a glossy lip. Autumn or winter bridal looks are burgundy and copper tones on the eye and/or a burgundy or red lip. I personally think a lot of consideration should be given to the lip colour of choice. Go test out shades at all the different makeup counters. When you have found The One you will know!



Sleep is key

Sleep is key! The prettiest eyes are well rested! Making sure you get your eight hours every night a few days before your wedding is so important. This way we as makeup artists can create the most glamorous eye makeup without it ever looking too heavy.



Use SPF daily

* Drink more water – Water intake will help to balance hydration levels and rid the body and skin of toxins.

* Reduce sugar intake – This is especially important as you get closer to your Big day. It’ll help prevent any sugar-related breakouts and reduce any inflammation in the skin.

* Nutrition – This essential when it comes to glowing skin. You need to feed your skin from within by eating a healthy well-balanced diet of fruit, veg, proteins etc and ideally supplement. Applying Active ingredients to your skin and supplementing at the same time will supercharge your skin results.


Use lipscrub and balm

Use a Lipscrub and Balm before you start your makeup. Luna by Lisa has just launched a fab new Duo scrub and Balm!



Add a pop of highlighter


When applying blusher, smile your biggest smile and sweep the blusher on the apples of the cheek, blending the excess towards the ears. And for an extra healthy boost, add a pop of highlighter on all the high points of your face; cheekbone, tip and bridge of the nose and cupid’s bow.