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Fabulously Fun Confetti Ideas

Some of the most beautiful and spontaneous wedding photos take place as the Bride and Groom exit the ceremony and they are showered with confetti. This is meant to be more than just a fun moment for the guests. The origin of the confetti tradition actually comes all the way from Italy, when throwing confetti symbolised fertility and prosperity.

If we’re honest, we’ll admit that confetti often gets forgotten in the planning. Sometimes it’s even intentionally overlooked and thought of as old-fashioned. But we’re here to tell you that confetti is BACK! It’s a lovely way to add a pop of colour, create a spontaneous and beautiful photo moment, and give your guests a reason to smile (as if they’ll need a reason!).

You can totally achieve the desired ‘confetti effect’ without confetti. Want to know how? Well, go on and have a look at these fabulously fun confetti alternatives!

Main image credit: Jessica Bordner Photography | A Glamorous Royal Marine Hotel Wedding

Dried Petals

Leaves and Rose Petals


Vintage Sheet Music

Dried Lavender


Vintage Atlas Hearts




Rose Petals

Fake Snow

Image 1: Whimsical Wonderland Weddings | Image 2: Southbound Bride | Image 3: Rock n Roll Bride | Image 4: Etsy | Image 5: Rene Beagle | Image 6: Weddings by Lilly | Image 7: Etsy | Image 8: Wedding Bells | Image 9: Brit | Image 10: Wedding Chicks | Image 11: Real Weddings | Image 12: Etsy

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