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Final Meeting With the Venue Checklist

final meeting with the venue checklist

You’re on the home stretch – it’s the week or two before the wedding, your to-do list is rapidly decreasing and you’ll be marrying the love of your life before you know it! It’s almost time to say ‘phew, I’m done! Roll on wedding day!’ Of course, there’s a few things you’ll still need to tackle to make sure the day goes off without a hitch (check out our week before the wedding checklist here!) and if you’re heading to your venue for that final meeting or two, we’ve put together a few pointers to make sure you cover all bases. Here’s our final meeting with the venue checklist to help put your mind at complete ease. Remember, your aim is to be the most relaxed bride ever!

If you can’t quite get enough of checklists, then behold – here’s every wedding checklist you’ll ever need!

This checklist is free and downloadable! Click here to download our final meeting with the venue checklist to your computer and bring it along.

• Confirm how much money is owed and when the payment is due

• Is the coordinator going to be there on the day, and how can they be contacted? Do they have to speak to me only, or can my authorised person handle the calls too?

• When can we drop off things like decor, menus, table plan?

• When can we start setting everything up? (if you’re doing your own set-up)

• What are the final timings for arrival, canapes, dinner, entertainment, etc.?

• Who will announce our entrance into the reception venue?

• How will entrance music be played? Through the PA system, or by our band/DJ?

• Do you have a cake stand and knife?

• What is the noise curfew, if you have one? Are there any restrictions or rules DJ/band need to be aware of?

• (If you have a vendor who will be setting up outdoors, like ice cream truck or hog roast) Do you have a designated space for the vendor to park or set-up close to the venue, or the entrance/exit we’ll be using?

• Can you confirm there will be dishes for those who specified dietary requirements?

• Confirm who does the clean-up and if it’s us, what time does it have to be completed by?

• What happens to all the leftover food?

• Will there be meals for suppliers staying through the reception, like the band and photographer?

• Confirm rooms booked for bridal party, family and guests, and any special arrangements – i.e., grandparents must be on the ground floor, etc.

• Will you have the required number of high chairs for babies/kids?

• Should we anticipate any extra expenses that would only be charged afterwards (any damages, bar tab, parking fees, etc.)?

• What happens if people arrive early, are they allowed to wait in the lobby/garden/reception area?

• When are the final guest numbers due?

• How far in advance will you need our seating arrangements/table plan showing who sits where?

• Do you have a stand or an easel to display our table plan? (tell the venue what it is, a light paper poster or a heavy gilded frame, etc.)

• What happens if there’s a change in the number of guests? Can we add more chairs, or take away an empty table on the day?

• Can you confirm the final table layout?

• For outdoor weddings, in case of rain, who will help move everything inside and how long will it take? Will the guests be expected to help?

• Where will we be able to safely store our gifts and cards?

• What happens if things start running late?

• Can we go through all the timings together to make sure there’s enough time for everything?

• (for a venue with accommodations) What is your policy on any hotel rooms we pre-booked for our guests that may not be needed at last minute?

• What is checkout time? Is later checkout available for the newlyweds, or anyone else?

• Do you have any special arrangements with a local taxi company, in case some of our guests need transport?

• Do you offer special packages for people returning for their first anniversary?

Always remember – you’re in good hands! No venue will ever leave coordinating your wedding to someone completely inexperienced. And even if you forget to ask something very important at the meeting, they’re still just a phone call or email away.

Main photo from Jennie & Kevin’s real wedding at Ballymagarvey Village, Meath, by Paul Duane Photography

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