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Five Colour Mistakes To Avoid

Colour Mistakes To Avoid

Deciding in the colours that will  make up your wedding look is not always an easy task. For some couples they’ll know exactly what shade they want, but for others it won’t be so straight-forward. There are just so many colours to choose from! Your decision affects every aspect from flowers and groomswear, to bridesmaids dresses and decor. Before you make any final decisions today we have advice on colour mistakes you do not want to make… 

See your colour in real life

Ideally you should view your colours in real life rather than online. A computer and phone screen will show up different shades and you won’t get a true colour unless it’s in your hand! 

Consider your venue

Many couples choose their venue because they love the service, location, food and decor, but then forget about the colour-scheme until the day itself! Remember to ensure your choices work with the venue’s overall setting and definitely not against it! 

Choose early in your planning

You should set a colour scheme at the beginning of your planning and stick to it as all your choices going forward will be determined by what you have chosen. If you add colours in throughout the process your overall look runs the risk of looking confused. 

Thinking everything must match

Say you choose pink don’t choose items in exactly the same shade of pink as this can look very monochromatic. Take advice from your suppliers and layer tones choosing lighter and darker shades. 

Forgetting your bridesmaids colours 

Not all hair and skin colours suit all colours. Think of your maids colouring, as well as you and your partner and try to choose a good all-round shade that works for everyone. 


(Featured image: Flowers From The Secret Garden)


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