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Flower Girls – What You Need To Know!

flower girls

Little people walking down the aisle is super cute, but they mightn’t fancy walking and their minds won’t be changed… There is this and lots of other things you should know about having a tiny bridal party before your wedding day! Today we’re sharing some of the things you need to know… 

Kids are adorable, I should know I have five of my own, but they can be hard to tame! Most little girls will love being asked to be a flower girl, but you need to remember not to put pressure on them, basically you have to go with their flow. Depending on their age, I’d say between five and nine is a good flower girl age range, they may or many not want to walk the aisle on their own. No problem, ask if they’d be happy to walk with a bridesmaid. If not, don’t stress, let them choose. 

Preparing your flower girl for the wedding day 

A lovely way to get your flower girl excited is to make her feel special, like she’s the star. Some might not fully be aware of what their task is on the wedding day so chatting to them, or getting their parent to chat things through, will help keep nerves at bay. 

If you have several flower girls a girlie lunch before the wedding day is a lovely way for them to meet and get relaxed around each other – who wouldn’t love a special wedding lunch before-hand?! This gives you the perfect chance to chat through what you would like them to do at the wedding. 

On the wedding day it’s a great idea to allocate a bridesmaid to each flower girl, they can make sure they sit in the right place and are happy and relaxed. 

Top Tips For Happy Flower Girls 

– Don’t go buying their dresses too far before the wedding day, one growth spurt too many and it’ll be too small! And make sure it is practical! Cute but cosy is a good vibe to go for. 

– Keepsake jewellery such as a bracelet or necklace makes the perfect gift for your little lady. 

– Don’t forget to treat her just the same as your bridesmaids, personalised pj’s and everything! We love this design (above) from Garage Monkey Designs. 

– Not all flower girls have to carry flowers. Floral wands, baskets of rose petals, teddy bears and pretty dolls are just as pretty. 

Three Pretty Flower Girl Ideas…

flower girls

All dresses from Monsoon

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