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Flowery Facts: 10 Things Your Florist Will Ask You

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When it comes to planning your wedding day there will be areas that you are really familiar with, items you absolutely know you will want. It is likely however you’ll come across areas that you won’t have any prior knowledge on, for lots of couples that area is flowers. And that is completely okay, the trick is to hire a florist that you trust and let them guide you through the flower planning process. 

Today we’re letting you in to some of the questions your florist will ask you – what they are and why they need to know! We hope this helps you in your flower planning process, it’s a fun one! 

1. Budget

Ultimately, there is no point having huge floral aspirations if your budget for flowers is very small. It’s best to chat budget at the very first opportunity so that both you and your florist are on the same page from the very beginning. Knowing a rough budget of what you would like to spend/can afford to spend on flowers will be enough for your florist to advise you on what you can get for the money available. 

2. Venue locations 

Your florist will need to know your venues firstly, so that they can deliver, but also to offer practical advice on the arrangements that will work within the spaces. Many florists like to visit the venue, especially if they’ve never created flowers in the space before. 

3. Overall feel of the day 

Your florist will want to know if you’ve chosen a specific theme such as nautical or summer, but also how you imagine the day to feel overall. There’s a huge difference in flowers at an outdoor relaxed garden party and a black tie Christmas soiree! The more info your florist has the better your flowers will be. 

4. Bridesmaids colours 

Telling your florist your bridesmaid colours is a simple one, it will ultimately help them create a colour palette for your day. 

5. Your build, height and wedding dress 

Might sound a bit random, right?! Florists need this info so that they create a bridal bouquet that will compliment your frame and dress. Creating a huge bouquet that you can’t see over isn’t a good look!  

6. Delivery details for wedding day 

Will you need your florals delivered to two or three different locations on the wedding day? Every aspect of delivery, set up, moving to reception venue will be taken into account when it comes to creating an exact quote. 

7. Number of guests/tables 

Knowing how many guests you are having will be a good indicator of how many table centrepieces will be required. 

8. Props 

Have you any props you’d like to include in the day, maybe you have a special vase that you’d like to have on the top table. Make sure your florist knows about them! If you’d like to incorporate candles and table linen into the scheme ask if this is something they can facilitate. 

9.  Favourite flowers 

Due to the seasonality of flowers, it’s unlikely florists will guarantee a certain flower, but it’s always nice to let them know and if they are available and work in your scheme, chances are your florist will include them. 

10. Chosen photographer and other suppliers 

It’s not essential that your florist knows the other suppliers you are working with, but chances are they may have worked with them before and enjoy working with them! As for your photographer, with your consent, your florist will ask the photographer for images from your day to share on their social media – your name and wedding day in lights! 

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