Fun Ways to Include Prosecco in Your Wedding

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Calling all Prosecco-lovers! Who says you should limit your Prosecco to toasts and speeches or welcome drinks? We think you should be able to include your favourite bubbly in as many ways as you can. Take a peek at some fun ways you can include Prosecco in your wedding. Mobile bars, dramatic towers, cute wedding favours and more!


A Mobile Bar

Right after your wedding ceremony or just before your guests enter the reception hall, have a mobile bar set up! Many bars specialise in Prosecco and other alcoholic drinks, which your guests will love!

Available at The Airstream, Karen Ball Events, Reward Catering (pictured above).


Vintage Horsebox

Add a dramatic flair by including a vintage horsebox. Imagine the look on your guest’s faces when they walk out of the ceremony venue and see something as gorgeous as this!

Available at Vintage Vanp, The Irish Horsebox Bar Hire, The Crazy Mare Events (pictured above).


Wedding favours

Who wouldn’t want to leave a wedding with a little bottle of Prosecco! A sweet way to include Prosecco in your wedding is to give it away as wedding favours.

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Pimp Your Prosecco Bar

You can’t have Prosecco in your wedding without having a ‘Pimp Your Prosecco’ bar! Orange juice, fruits, syrups and other goodies turn our favourite bubbly drink into something even more special.

Cooling Castle Barn


Prosecco Lollies

Getting married on a hot summer’s day? Let everyone cool down with Prosecco in the form of lollies or popsicles!

Kitchen Sanctuary


Prosecco Tower

And lastly, another dramatic way to include Prosecco in your wedding is with a jaw-dropping Prosecco tower! This could take the place of a traditional cake-cutting ceremony if you’re up for something different!

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