Unsurprisingly, Andalucia isn’t the first place you’d think of in which to throw a vegan wedding. Spaniards are known for their love of meat, as many vegetarians will confirm after holidaying here! But times are changing fast!



Given that the number of vegans in the UK alone quadrupled between 2014 and 2018, with close to 600,000 Brits now identifying as vegan, and in the US, the number of vegans grew by 600% between 2014 and 2017, going from almost 4m to 19.6m, it was only a matter of time before we started to see a demand for Vegan menus at weddings. A vegan wedding may well be the first time the majority of guests have ever tasted a vegan meal, and it usually comes as a very good surprise for them!



To complement the Vegan menus, stationery and decorations can also be sustainable. Invitations can be sent out on recycled paper, likewise, place names and table plans can all be made from natural products, confetti (flower petals not paper!) is placed with bird or meadow seeds place in paper cones. Table decorations are made using the local flowers in season – easy in Andalucia, olive branches and lush green fauna make wonderful table garlands!



Our top three Vegan wedding venue choices are situated inland of the Costa del Sol. Each place has ‘green’ credentials, grows organic produce and is committed to Eco-conscious tourism. Menus are creative and unique: Who could resist?!

Local Tomato, White Peach & Chilli Gazpacho Shots Tomato and white peach, fresh ginger, lemon grass and chili. Served in small shot glasses
Wild Greens Spanakopita Parcels – a take on the Greek classic. These filo pastry triangles are stuffed with seasonal wilted greens, ricotta, feta and fresh herbs. A crunchy pastry to start proceedings!!



Presentations of food, tables and the ceremony area are all very much designed around the natural elements that are found at the venues. The aim is to work in harmony with the surrounding nature.



If you’re planning a Vegan wedding, whether people think it’s fair or not, people are going to be looking for things lacking in the food and experience, so brides and grooms should expect to come across their fair share of vegan naysayers, especially among older guests.



Don’t have the expectation that menu pricing will be cheap because it is vegan. It won’t be, as it is more usual to have buffets, and food stations, which offer guests a lot of choices – opportunities for ‘food grazing’ on delicious cheese and bread stations, or ‘vegetable gardens’ are a great way to ensure guests have enough to eat throughout the evening.



You can’t presume everyone loves a vegan burger – you need to have enough options so that no one can say that something was missing from your big day or they left dissatisfied.
When all is said and done, it is your wedding, your day, your choice! It’s important to not worry about pleasing the people who are determined to be negative about the experience, and to not take their comments personally.



In our experience, non-vegan guests are surprised and delighted at how delicious vegan food is when prepared by professionals.



Guest post by Marbella Marriages

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