11 Great Ideas for your Drinks Reception

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Your drinks reception – or ‘Cocktail hour’ for those across the pond – is the perfect time for wedding guests to mingle and completely relax into the vibe of the wedding after the ceremony, and there are so many awesome ideas for creating a great atmosphere during these few hours out there at the moment! We’re loving personal touches like signature cocktails, carefully chosen craft beers and little extras like monogrammed napkins as a way to make your drinks reception unique to you, and if you have the budget make sure to look into getting a pre-dinner band or some entertainment like a great magician to make it really special. Of course your drinks reception is as much about the food as it is the beers, and surprising guests with an ice cream van or crêpe station or just some great canapés will always go down a treat. If you’re looking to create a really fun time, have a think about hiring some lawn games or arranging a game of beer pong (or similar!) – we’re also loving this idea of a game of crazy golf to give guests the giggles and getting everyone involved! Here are some other ways to make your drinks reception stand out…

1. Say it with some Signage


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2. Serve His n’ Hers Signature Cocktails

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3. Be Eco-Friendly with Personal Mason Jars


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4. Get Creative with your Drinks Display


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5. Say Yes to Hydration


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6. Add Some Cool Choons


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7. Throw Some Games into the Mix


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8. Keep it in Coozies

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9. Get Crafty with Beers (but try to Keep it Session)


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10. Add an Element of Self-Serve


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11. Blow it Out of the Water with Mini Burgers and Beer


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