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Grooms Style Advice For The Big Day

Grooms styling tips

Today we’re sharing grooms style advice for the Big Day.

Lets be honest, it’s usually the bride who gets most of the style focus so we’re hoping to even up the stakes today with this informative post. From getting the perfect fitting suit to those shoes that guide you up the aisle, we hope you’ll learn a little trick or two. Prepare to be your most stylish ever on the all-important wedding day! 

Grooms styling tips

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Tailor it

Whether you are hiring or purchasing your suit make sure, above all else, that the fit is perfect! An expensive suit can easily look budget if it’s not well fitted. Don’t settle for anything less than tailored perfection. 

Bow tie beauty

A carefully tied real bow tie has a luxurious look. If you plan to wear one learn how to tie it properly. 

Grooms styling tips


Bring the best you

Your wedding day isn’t the one to try out a new hairstyle, fashion a new moustache or reveal a completely new look. Your bride-to-be wants to marry the person she fell in love with, look and feel like yourself on your best day. 

Don’t scrimp on your shoes

Footwear tells a lot about a person. A great pair of shoes will ramp up your overall look so include them in your budget. 

Grooms styling tips


Understand your options

It’s common for a bride to have a second look for the reception so why not consider changing your look for the party too? 

Details, details, details

You can have fun choosing and styling all those little details such as pocket squares, socks, cufflinks and tie pins. 

Grooms styling tips


Dress seasonally

If you’re getting married in winter your suit will be a heavier fabric for warmth, likewise summer weddings will require lighter fabrics such as cotton blends or luxurious linen blends. 

Don’t forget we’ve got a fabulous supplier directory brimming with suave groomswear options from the professionals. 


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