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Here’s Why You Should Get Married in Ireland

We’re an Irish wedding website… you can’t blame us for wanting everybody to get married in Ireland! Maybe you’re a local Irish couple and you aren’t sure where to tie the knot. Or maybe you’re from abroad and you’re toying with the idea of a destination wedding. Regardless of where you come from, we think that Ireland is a pretty spectacular place to say ‘I do’. Here’s why…


Incredible scenery

When you picture Ireland’s gorgeous scenery, the following phrases have probably crossed your mind: dramatic cliffs and beaches, wooded forests, lush green landscape and cliffs overlooking the Atlantic ocean. All of these are reasons to consider getting married in Ireland. Whether you choose one of these settings as the backdrop to your ceremony or simply as a space to go and take photos, you have lots to choose from!

Eloping in Ireland


Churches and chapels

While civil ceremonies are popular, research has shown that over half of couples want to have a religious ceremony. For anybody who is Catholic, Christian or of Church of Ireland Faiths, there are lots of stunning churches and chapels to choose from. You really are spoilt for choice!

Venue: St. Peter’s and Pauls’s Church Crecora | Black Diamond Photography


Majestic castles

Anytime somebody describes their dream wedding as ‘a fairytale wedding’, what they’re really picturing is getting married in a castle. Ireland is home to 30 000 castles (including ruins, operating and restored castles of any kind) which is quite mind-boggling! Now imagine hosting your wedding in one of Ireland’s majestic castles. Well, it’s not an impossible dream. There are plenty of beautiful castles that specialise in hosting weddings [you can check them out here].

Venue: Markree Castle Hotel | Photographer: We are soulful – Tony Thompson


Variety of wedding venues

Something we are particularly excited about is the variety of wedding venues. Getting married in Ireland means having lots of different types of wedding venues to pick from. We’ve got castles, as mentioned already, cozy manor houses, classy restaurants, modern hotels, alternative venues and everything in between. In fact, it might be a little overwhelming trying to decide where to begin. We’ve got you covered here. Click right here to check out our Venue Finder. Put in all your details, choose the types of venues you want to explore, and voilá!

Venue: The K Club | Photographer: The Fennells Photography & Film


Rich history

Ireland is steeped in history! This is demonstrated in the ancient medieval ruins, abandoned castles, gorgeous churches and old monasteries. Not only is it incredibly meaningful to be surrounded by such historic locations, but you’re guaranteed to get stunning wedding photos too!

Venue: The Brehon | Photographer: Nerijus Karmilcovas


Ocean views

Ireland isn’t the first place that comes to mind when you think of a beach holiday. But, ocean views are still plentiful! Ireland is filled with not-so-overcrowded beaches. These beaches vary from large stretches of sandy beaches to smaller, rocky beaches.

Venue: Ocean Sands Hotel | Photographer: Peter Bell Photography


The culture

Our final reason you should get married in Ireland is all about the culture. Ireland has a beautiful mix of modern culture and traditional Irish elements. The nation is well-known for its music, pubs, Irish dancing and of course, Guinness. There are also lots of beautiful Irish traditions that you could include in your wedding!

Photographer: Couple Photography

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