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How Database Professionals Make Use of Microsoft Exam 70-764 to Improve Their Career? Are Exam Dumps Effective?

Having a Microsoft certification on your resume is one of the most effective ways to land a job or secure a promotion. This badge is anendorsement of your IT specialization, hence making you a standout among all other applicants.

But the thing is―getting certified is something that you need to properly weigh in. There are clearly several factors that you should consider before taking a certification exam. Can you allocate lengthy hours for studying the exam topics? Is your budget enough to cover the exam fee and other expenses? Are you mentally and physically prepared? If the answers to these questions are all yes, then acquiring a Microsoft certification is a great move to your career. For example, to drive your knowledge and polish your skills in the database, you have to spend time understanding an SQL database infrastructure.

In this article, we’ll disclose the important features of the MCSA SQL 2016 Database Administration certification and one of its required exams — 70-764 Administering a SQL Database Infrastructure.

Solidifying Your Database Career with MCSA Badge in SQL 2016 Database Administration

If you’ve decided to become a Microsoft certified database professional, you have to go through the process carefully. This IT area involves the following essential topics: server instances, data access, data recovery, high availability, etc. And you have to learn them thoroughly.The most effective way to be adept with these subjects is to prepare and pass the Microsoft exams 70-764 and 70-765. But what is the most effective way to do this? To help you, here we present a concise yet comprehensive list of tips to help you secure the MCSA SQL 2016 Database Administration certification.

  1. Start with a related MTA certification

Though getting the MTA certification is not compulsory, this entry-level validation makes your certification process more efficient and easy. It’s because an MTA credential furnishes you with the right foundational skills. And since you are pursuing a database career, you should pick the exam 98-364, which will then load you with introductory knowledge of database and its related features such as RDBMS, DDL, DML, T-SQL, and the like.

  1. Proceed with exam 70-764

Once you’ve armed yourself with a solid database foundation, you can move to the first requirement of the MCSA SQL 2016 Database Administration certification. Exam 70-764 works around data access and configuration along with management of high availability, server instances, and backup strategies.

  1. Continue with the other required exam

Upon successful completion of the first exam, you have to carry on with the second requirement, which is the test 70-765. This one mainly revolves around database provisioning. Skills highlighted by the exam include deployment of Azure SQL databases and SQL Server instances, as well as management and storage of databases. Hence, there is a requirement that candidates for this exam should be familiar with cloud services, deployment models, Azure apps, and such.

Knowing the technicalitiesof exam 70-764

As the first requirement for an MCSA certification, it’s relatively important that you know everything about the exam. Apart from what was mentioned above, you can find the full list of topics forthe test 70-764 on the Microsoft site and even download it to always keep on hand.

For this MCSA exam, there will be around 40 to 60 questions of different types that should be completed within 2 hours. The majority of questions will earn you one point while the rest are more valued.To pass the exam, you have to earn 700 points or above.

Taking Another Remarkable Career aside from Database Administration

Aside from harnessing your database skills,exam 70-764 is actually a remarkable way to develop your knack in server infrastructure. This means that this certification exam is not just restricted to database professionals. So, if you want to have a career change, you can make use of the exam 70-764 as a stepping stone to become an infrastructure specialist.

Gearing Yourself with the Right Exam Materials

Since 70-764 exam is a serious challenge, you have to use only the right materials to get ready for it. You can begin with the Exam Ref book by Victor Isakov. This material gives you a sweeping coverage of the exam topics, including some relevant exam tips. In case you prefer a light discussion of the exam, you can watch the one-hour video about certification details prepared by Neil McIsaac, an expert in database infrastructure. If you want something more comprehensive and intensive, there’s a classroom training course led by a Microsoft instructor.

But, to bridge that gap between your theoretical knowledge and the ability to perfectly demonstrate it in the exam environment, you have to invest in thespecial materials that will improve your practical skills and show you the inside of the test. There are several resources you can find on the internet but only a few are actually beneficial. For instance, an official practice test is provided by Microsoft so you can check on your skills. This material is available in different languages, including English, Japanese, Chinese, German, and the like.

To complement the official practice test and have much more real-exam experience and training, you can try the exam dumps from These are outstanding resources that will help you understand the exam topics and show you the test environment due to the VCE Exam Simulator used to open these .vce files. There you can create, edit and take trial exams within the limited time until you acquire all the themes.

Through the .vcefiles, you’ll gain the information about databases that you can apply on your exam and even on your real-world endeavors. More so, makes studying more accessible to exam takers as they provide free examdumps for you to try on. Plus, they have an all-in-one premium bundle that comes with first-rate exam files, video lectures, and study guides. For 70-764 exam, such a bundle with expert-verified materials will cost you $39,97.


Database specialists are on high demand today so catch your chance to build an amazing career with the proper Microsoft certification by passing 70-764 exam. Remember to sit for one more test and allocate enough time for preparation as well as use only reliable materials like expert-provided videos, books, and ExamSnap’s exam dumps. Yes, the process itself is difficult, but earning your MCSA credential in SQL 2016 Database Administration will surely shower you with noteworthy benefits. So, keep an eye on your goals!

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