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How to Build a Wedding Website From Scratch

From managing budgets to inviting guests, planning a wedding day can be overwhelming. To help you get through the process, create a wedding website.

The online RSVP on the website simplifies the guest tracking process. The bride and groom profile page helps guests know you better as a couple even before the wedding takes place.

In this article, you’re about to find out the definition of a wedding website, how to make it your own, and the benefits of having one.

What Is a Wedding Website?

A wedding website is a set of online web pages built for your wedding day. It can be an effective alternative to the paper wedding invitation as this website offers a range of purposes. You can include RSVPs, destination information, and a wedding registry.

Each wedding website’s cost can vary because it relates to several factors, like the number of pages, hosting plan, and the amount of media you’ll upload.

Step-by-Step Guide to Build Your Own Wedding Website

Making a website may look like a lot of work. Yet, you actually can do it yourself with these seven easy steps to build a wedding website.

1. Choose a Website Builder

A web designer may cost a lot, and making a website with code can give you headaches. The effortless way of creating a wedding website is using a website builder. It’s a platform to put together a website without coding skills, that typically uses drag and drop tools to simplify the process.

Here are key factors to consider when choosing a web builder.

  • Easy to use. Get a website builder with a drag-and-drop tool, so you just pick an element and place it anywhere on your site.
  • Provides well-made designs. Various templates give you more choices with the style and tone.
  • To avoid having a generic-looking website, pick a website builder that gives you freedom of customization with the domain, designs, and settings.

2. Register Your Unique Domain Name

A domain refers to the name of your website. With a free plan, your domain will contain the website builder’s brand, like, so it won’t be a catchy name. Invest in a custom domain and get a personal and relevant name.

You can use the combination of your names for the domain, but always check whether it’s still available. Check the availability and register it via the website builder directly or a third-party registrar.

3. Select a Theme

The website builder’s templates can save you a lot of time and effort since you don’t have to start with a blank space.

Select a theme that reflects the overall tone and color scheme of your wedding. It can be minimalistic, rustic, or classic. If you haven’t had a clear concept, get inspired by looking at wedding website examples.

4. Customize Your Website

Give your wedding website personal touches by changing the font. If you have picked a font for other wedding ceremony decor, use a similar font for the website.

Make a custom logo that fits your wedding style. You can create it using an online logo maker for a quick and easy result. For international couples, get a multilingual feature to avoid confusion for both sides’ guests.

5. Upload Photos and Content

Help guests to know both of you by uploading photos. You can also include photos of the wedding venue or your bridesmaids and groomsmen.

Create an impressive love story timeline about you and your partner’s profile, how you met, and how the proposal went. Don’t forget to write these important details of the wedding day:

  • Location (you can integrate Google Maps)
  • Wedding’s date and time
  • A full schedule of the day
  • Dress code

To avoid confusion, you can put contact details and accommodation recommendations too. You can’t include events that not all guests are invited to, such as a wedding shower or rehearsal dinner.

6. Add Wedding Essentials

These features are optional, but they will help you a lot when planning your wedding.

  • RSVP form. Includes the guests’ names, email addresses, meal options, and whether they bring someone to the wedding.
  • Keeps the guests’ impressions or wishes.
  • Event countdown. Reminds you and your guests how many days are left until the wedding day.
  • Wedding registry. Lets guests know your gift preferences.

7. Launch and Share

After everything is set, create a password for your wedding website and switch off indexing to make it available only for the guests, and a would-be search engine user doesn’t come across it. Then, launch and distribute the link and password to your guests.

What Are the Benefits of Having a Wedding Website?

If you are not convinced yet with the seven effortless steps, consider these four advantages of having a wedding website.

  • Easily accessible. Imagine your guest left the paper invitation at home while they already travel across the country. A wedding website helps your guests always have all critical information in their hands with only several clicks away.
  • Stay organized. The wedding website features like RSVP and guest book help you track your guest numbers and calculate the budget easily.
  • Budget-friendly. Traditional wedding invitations can cost you between $450 to $650 for around 80 guests. It doesn’t include the extras like shipping costs and RSVP cards. Meanwhile, a wedding website will cost a fraction of that.
  • Long-lasting. Even though the wedding day has passed, your wedding website can stay forever. You can also update it with a thank-you message for your guests.
  • An online archive. Once your photographer delivers their work, you can upload them to the site and use it as an online photo album you can access anywhere, with all the content neatly organized.


Wedding planning is temporary, so don’t let it cause much stress on your happiest event. Building a wedding website can help you get organized and save a lot of budgets. You just need to pick a good website builder, choose a theme, insert the details and content, then share it with your guests. With this guide, we hope you enjoy creating your own wedding website!

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