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How to Choose The Best Best Man For The Job!

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Here’s a question for the groom – before you had even proposed, did you know who your Best Man would be? If you’re nodding away we might a bit late, but if you’ve still to make your decision, don’t decide until you reach the end of this feature! Here’s our top tips for choosing the best Best Man… 

Tip 1: He must be dependable

Turning up when he says he will is a big green light and means he is dependable. When it comes to weddings having your right hand man turn up when he needs to and do the tasks he needs to is a big deal. You’ll be asking him for help with different areas of the day (and the Stag Do of course!) and you don’t need to be chasing after him. 

Tip 2: He needs a sympathetic ear

For those times when it might get a bit too much, ya know! If you can tell your potential Best Man anything he’s a good choice. If he’s more Mr McJudgey, maybe time to start your search again. 

Tip 3: He must be hands on

See tip 1. For those jobs like planning the Stag Do, keeping the rings, returning your suits after the day. Dependable and not afraid to help out is exactly what you’re looking for. 

Tip 4: He must look out for you

This ties in with Tip 1 again, if he’d rather stand at the bar and encourage you to sink more pints, will he be in a fit state to look out for you? If you’re likely to wake up slobbering on the bar whilst he’s gone home to his bed, find a new one! 

Tip 5: He must be able to deliver a speech

That’s his number one job, isn’t it?! Sure, times have moved on and not every Best Man delivers a speech, but if you’re sticking with tradition, a speech will be high on his list of tasks. If your Best Man quivers at the thought, or point blank refuses, now’s the time for some serious chats. 

Tip 6: He must love your other half

Not in a ‘Love Actually’ way, but he must be friends with the person you have chosen to spend your life with. If you kinda get the feeling he’s not that thrilled with your choice, it’s either time for a serious chat, or time look through your options again – the Best Man, not your life partner choice! 

We  hope these tips will help you find your Best Man – the secrets in the name, find the best man for the job and you’re laughing! 

(Image: Deirdre Langan Photography)
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