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How To Covid-Proof Your Wedding Invitations

wedding invitations

You might be re-working your wedding invitations for the first time, or maybe you’re on your third amendment thanks to the always-changing Covid-19 wedding regulations. Wherever you are at, the important thing is not to worry or panic. Together we will get through this and out the other side, you just need to have some patience and keep your cool. 

Today we’re sharing some of the tips we’ve picked up over the last year from many of the amazing Irish stationery suppliers, who love to help. From the extras to conclude to what you should leave out, get ready to tick those invitations off your wedding to-do list. 

Tip 1 – Do not stress or worry 

Not getting frantic or stressed out over all the changes you may have to make to your entire day, not just the invitations is important. Given the current climate, of course you will be anxious, but the impact of Covid-19 is beyond your control and it’s not your fault! 

Tip 2 – Let your guests know only what they need to know

Keep your wedding invitation as clear as possible, only including the information that guests must know in order to make it to your day. Date, time and location are obviously the big ones which must be included. Do however include a note to say details may change closer to the time, and don’t worry about guests moaning about this – remember we are all riding the same restrictions, but we bet your guests will happily go with the flow, they will be understanding. 

wedding stationery

Thomas Johnston Wedding Stationery

Tip 3 – Don’t ignore the current situation (Covid-19 what?!) 

Your day will be just that, your day, Covid-19 will not dominate the day or your wedding invitations but it is best to mention safety measures you’re putting in place to make your guests feel comfortable. Gently mention precautions such as social distancing, hand sanitiser etc using terminology such as, ‘It’s important for our guests safety that we ask you to comply with certain safety measures during the course of our wedding day….’ 

Tip 4 – Chat to your wedding stationery for their advice 

They’ve been through this a lot over the past year and your stationer will be the most equipped to guide you through not only the design process, but their ideas on incorporating Covid-19 advice. 

wedding stationery

Special Days Wedding Stationery

Tip 5 – Set up a wedding website or wedding Whatsapp group

Once your invitations have gone out to your guests the easiest way to keep them up to date with any changes is through your own personalised website, or WhatsApp group. 

Tip 6 – Remember, don’t panic, you’ll have your special day! 

Just thought you might need reminded again… 


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