How to Find Your Wedding Supplier Team

Planning & Advice

Building your wedding supplier team is an important part of creating your dream wedding. We’ve listed some brilliant ways to find the best suppliers in the country! You’ll thank us later.

Main image credit: Alex Zarodov Photography


Choose your style

We’ve said this before and we’ll continue giving this advice: don’t let price be your determining factor. We always recommend that the first thing to do when choosing your wedding supplier team is to select your style. Are you after a relaxed, beach wedding or an elegant evening celebration? Both are beautiful but they are quite different. The style you select will determine the kind of wedding dress you’ll choose, the location and style of your venue, as well as the look of your stationery and decor.

So begin by hunting through Pinterest to see what your options are! Look through Real Wedding features to see what other couples have chosen for their style. And once you’ve got an idea of your style, create a mood board. A mood board is a collection of images which show your colour choices and overall wedding style. It’ll help you to communicate your vision with your wedding supplier team and help you to keep on track while you plan.


Supplier listing

Here at weddingsonline, we pride ourselves on having the best Irish wedding suppliers in the industry. We’ve listed them by category on our wedding supplier listing. You can find venues based on their location or style, as well as bands, cake makers, wedding dress designers, photographers and more. Start building your wedding supplier team by going through the supplier listing and keeping track of those you like.


Ask for recommendations

Couples who have recently gotten married give great firsthand advice on their wedding supplier team. They can tell you what it was like to work with someone, who was a pleasure to work with and whose work was simply outstanding. Join our online community to connect with over 61000 couples from around the country. Our Facebook group is called HIGM ( – Help! I’m getting married).


Read reviews

Another way to see what other people think about particular suppliers is to read their reviews. Our wedding supplier profiles are a digital version of a shop window. They contain gorgeous photos, any editorial posts we’ve published which they are featured in, as well as reviews from couples like you!


Check them out on social media

While the online shop window is the first place you should go, you should also check out your wedding supplier team on social media. You’ll find more up to date images of their current work, and you can also get a feel for their personality and work style.



What’s the best way to see which suppliers have been recognised for their work? Awards! Every year, we host the weddingsonline Awards to recognise the best suppliers in the industry.

Whether or not a supplier has won an award shouldn’t be your deciding factor, but it can help you to narrow down your list!


Real weddings

Every week we feature gorgeous real wedding stories on our website. This is a fantastic way to see your wedding supplier team in action and to get to know their style. You’ll see their best work and what it looks like at a real wedding!


Showcases and virtual tours

Every week, suppliers and venues across the country host fantastic wedding showcases. You can also take part in live viewings, online tours and demos, online shopping experiences and virtual dress/suit fittings as well as in-person wedding showcases and events. Click here to see which events are taking place this week!


Supplier connections

And once you’ve begun forming your wedding supplier team, get recommendations from them! Your suppliers are well connected and they have other suppliers they can highly recommend. A bonus is that they can often get amazing discounts for you because you’d be hiring people they work with often!