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How To Have An Uneven Wedding Party

What happens when one person wants more wedding party members than the other? An uneven wedding party is not something to panic about, so start looking at the positives! You can have all the people you absolutely adore right by your side and you don’t have to feel pressure to add or subtract people just to make your numbers match.

There are tons of reasons you may find yourself in this situation. Perhaps one of you has no siblings while the other has lots, or one of you just has a larger circle of close friends. That’s totally ok! Don’t let this put you off.

Thankfully, there are lots of creative ways you can make an uneven wedding party really work for you!


The ceremony

Wondering how to make an uneven wedding party work with walking up and down the aisle and where to stand during the ceremony? Here are a few options to consider:

  • Adjust how many people in your wedding party need to be doubled up based on the numbers.
  • Have wedding party members enter or exit solo! Of course, if there’s lots of them, just do it quicker.
  • While standing during the ceremony, the side with fewer people should have more space between them so there won’t be such a big contrast.
  • If the wedding party is too lopsided, have just the Maid of Honour and Best Man stand with you and the rest can be seated.


Posing for photos

You may be used to seeing photos with a perfectly even wedding party on either side of the couple. How do you make your photos look good with an uneven wedding party? Here are some suggestions:

  • Mix it up and stand in a group. It’ll look just as good, if not better!
  • Have your group stand in a semi-circle or v-shape around you, instead of in traditional sides.
  • Get them to pose in rows instead of sides. The fuller row could be at the back with the smaller row sitting on chairs at the front!
  • Include pets or a flower girl and page boy in the mix to even it up.


How To Have An Uneven Wedding Party

Take a look at these photos which show you that an uneven wedding party can be pretty special…




Meg Leonard






Keyed Up Events




Emmaline Bride


Tek Petaja


Emily Delamater

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