How To Keep Your Wedding Shoes From Killing Your Feet

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If you’ve ever spent the night in a new pair of heels, you’ll understand the pain they can cause. Just because you’re getting married, doesn’t mean everything will fit you perfect, especially your wedding shoes.

Considering you’ll be wearing your wedding shoes for the entire day, you want them to feel good. Your Big Day is going to be such an important and busy day that the last thing you should be thinking about is sore feet.

Want to know how to keep your wedding shoes from killing your feet? Keep on reading.


Make sure they fit

It’s really important to make sure your wedding shoes fit you properly! If you aren’t wearing the correct size for your feet, you are bound to encounter issues. If your shoes are too tight they will bite your skin and if they are too loose they will rub against your skin and give you blisters. Your first step to having comfy wedding shoes is to find your perfect fit, so your feet can breathe.


Prep your shoes

There are a few things you can do to prep your shoes ahead of time! If you’re worried about slipping all over the place, take time to scrape the bottoms or spray them with clear hairspray. With more grip, you’ll be able to walk down the aisle or enjoy your first dance without slipping around. And don’t worry about getting your wedding shoes dirty on purpose – we promise, nobody will be looking at the underneath of your shoes!


Walk around in your shoes

Put your shoes on and walk around in them for a little while. Take a stroll around the block, hop on the treadmill, or walk around your home. Once you start walking, pay attention to where you feel pain or discomfort. You could then get plasters or inserts, or worse case scenario, spend more time wearing your shoes so you really break them in (more on this below).


Break them in

Wear your shoes often and for little bits of time, say 10 or 15 minutes at a time. It’s better to do this than to wear your shoes once for two hours and give yourself a big blister. Exactly how long it takes to break in your wedding shoes will depend on your feet and your shoes. It really is different for everybody.


Use a hairdryer

For very tight shoes that pinch, here’s a handy trick! Put on a thick pair of socks and squeeze your feet into your shoes. Using your hairdryer, apply heat to the areas that pinch or hurt your feet. The heat will loosen up the material of your shoes and will make them more comfortable to wear.


Bring back ups

And if all else fails, wear your beautiful sky-high heels for your ceremony and photos and then wear something more comfortable for dancing. Pretty flats or sandals, or even a pair of bridal sneakers will do the trick!