How to Livestream Your Wedding

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Anybody who has attempted to plan a wedding during a global pandemic can recognise that there are plenty of reasons you’d want to livestream your wedding. It’s a fabulous way to include anybody who isn’t able to travel!

Before we begin, remind yourself who this function is for. Livestreaming your wedding is not an option for guests who don’t feel like leaving the house that day, and it’s also not a polite way to invite somebody who wouldn’t typically receive a wedding invitation. Your wedding livestream is available to those who regrettably cannot make it on the day. With Covid and travel restrictions in mind, there will be lots of people who simply can’t travel. Depending on where you are tying the knot, you may have restrictions on numbers, where you can only invite a handful of your nearest and dearest. In that case, the rest of your wedding guest list should receive an invitation to watch along online!

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Which platform is best?

The first question you will want to answer is: Where will you livestream your wedding? A few options to consider are Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Vimeo, Skype, Google Hangouts and Zoom.

In order to answer this question, there are a few things to consider:

  1. Is there a way to livestream your wedding so it’s private and invitation-only?
  2. Will there be any copyright issues when playing music during your ceremony?
  3. Will your video disappear afterwards or can guests rewatch it later?
  4. Can guests watch along without needing an account?

The best way to answer these questions and to make the decision is to speak with your wedding supplier team. Your wedding videographer or livestream supplier will be able to help you answer these questions!


Inviting your guests

When you invite your friends and family to your online wedding, be clear about what they are being invited to. Whether you are inviting somebody digitally or by mail, let them know they are invited to your virtual wedding. Share the date, time and time zone, and tell them you’ll have more details to follow.

Once you’ve decided which platform you will us to livestream your wedding, tell everybody! You might want to add something to your wedding website, email out a link or invite people to join a closed Facebook group. About a week before the Big Day, send out a reminder so your guests won’t have to go hunting for a livestream link.


What equipment do you need to livestream your wedding?

If quality is what you’re after, we highly recommending seeking the advice of professionals. This is, however, what they do for a living! Hire a wedding videographer with a livestream option or find somebody who specialises in livestreaming weddings specifically. Click here to look at some fabulous options.

A DIY option is still totally possible! Make sure you’ve got a good internet connection, a tripod and a microphone for good quality sound. Yup, that’s right. Lots of couples focus so much on having everybody see the wedding that they forget that everybody needs to hear it too!

Top tip: don’t share the wifi password with guests who are joining you in-person. While we love the idea of a wedding hashtag, save that for later. Don’t do anything to encourage guests to use the wifi during your ceremony if you are livestreaming. The last thing you want is for guests to overload the internet connection, slow it down or worse, have it crash!


How to make your livestream wedding special

There are plenty of ways to livestream your wedding and have it feel special, personal and not just like your guests are a fly on the wall. Here are a few fab ideas to consider:

  1. Put together a party pack with all the wedding essentials. We’re talking about mini bottles of Prosecco, a party hat, something to snack on, photobooth props and confetti poppers. Send this out about a month before the wedding, and be sure to include all the details such as date, time, and where to watch along.
  2. Create a Facebook group to act as your wedding venue for the day. Share photos, do a tour of the wedding venue and find ways to encourage guests to interact virtually.
  3. The party doesn’t have to stop when the ceremony is over! Create a wedding playlist on Spotify and share it with your virtual guests so they can continue to party and celebrate with you virtually.


Wedding livestream experts in Ireland

Here are four fabulous wedding suppliers you can hire to livestream your wedding for you…


Pro Media House, Wexford

The Pro Media House team can livestream your wedding with up to four cameras! Their team is equipped with the latest gear and have extensive experience. They are based in Wexford but travel nationwide or worldwide.


JMB Videos, Offaly

JMB Videos are a well-established company with a proven track record in corporate and family event videography and are now offering a full multi-camera livestreaming service to their clients.


Weddings Live, Ennis

This service offers friends and family the opportunity to be a part of the wedding ceremony through a secure online streaming service. The team will stream the entire ceremony live for everyone to view. This includes a planning session before the Big Day and high-end professional equipment to ensure the best live viewing experience for friends and family.


Heirloom Films, Dublin

Alongside their cinematic wedding videos, they are able to livestream your wedding ceremony, giving family and friends who are unable to attend in person, the opportunity to witness you making your marriage vows. Their professional and unobtrusive livestream service allows them to capture every aspect of your ceremony, from the walk down the aisle to the music, readings and of course, the vows.