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How To Look After Your Wedding Dress Before The Big Day

If you’re anything like me, finding and purchasing your wedding dress is a big wedding highlight! Something you might not have thought about is how to look after your gown. Many brides plan to hang their wedding dress in a cupboard and come back to it on the Big Day! But, there are a few steps in between and some very helpful and practical things you can do to avoid damaging your dress unintentionally.

Our friends at Bridal Gown Cleaning shared a brilliant post with their expert tips and we couldn’t resist passing on their wisdom!



How to look after your wedding gown

  1. Hoover your room
  2. Close your curtains/blinds to keep the sunlight from fading your gown
  3. Place a clean, white sheet on the floor under your gown
  4. Use white gloves to avoid staining
  5. Take your gown out of the bridal store bag if it’s plastic and non-breathable
  6. Hang the gown on a strong wooden hanger
  7. Cover with a white duvet sheet, with an opening to the end, allowing the train to hang
  8. If your dress is vintage or too delicate to hang, place it flat on a bed covered under and over by a white sheet



Wedding dress resources


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Having your wedding dress cleaned or altered requires a professional service, unlike anything you’d use for your regular wardrobe. We have some fabulous suppliers who are experts in cleaning, altering and preserving wedding dresses. They know what products to use so that your dress is in tip-top condition, despite the added beads and appliques! They also know how to store your dress so that the generations to come are able to admire (and maybe even wear) your dress.

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