How to Make Hand Sanitiser Look Cute for Your Wedding


Who would’ve guessed that we’d be adding ‘buy hand sanitiser’ to our wedding to-do list?! But it’s definitely worth including! Anybody getting married amidst a global pandemic should be extra cautious about the safety of wedding guests. If you’re concerned that displaying hand sanitiser can look like you’re getting married in a medical facility, well, we’re here to help you out. There are a few creative ways to make hand sanitiser look cute for your wedding!


Hand sanitiser stations

Speak with your venue about the proper placement for your hand sanitiser stations. We recommend setting up hand sanitiser stations at entrances, exits, near bathrooms and doorways that guests will walk through. You won’t need to have too many stations, but make sure you have enough so that guests won’t need to queue.

Chat with your decor stylist and florists to make sure you’ve got everything you need. They may be able to rent out tables, linens and sometimes, hand sanitiser dispensers too! Add some flowers so your sanitiser stations match your wedding look.


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Cute signs

One way to make hand sanitiser look cute is to throw in some sweet signs and quirky puns. A well-worded sign in a prominent location can serve as a gentle reminder for guests to continue behaving safely.


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Individual sanitiser bottles

It’s common practice for couples to give their guests wedding favours to say thank you for attending! Why not include hand sanitisers that guests can carry around with them? Most people carry hand sanitiser with them these days, but it’s a thoughtful gesture to give everybody their own. You could buy standard mini bottles and dress them up with a customised label!

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