How To Make Things Easy On Your Bridesmaids

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Sure, your wedding is your day, but we know you want your besties to have the best time too! And yup, you still want to be friends after the wedding. So, no matter how many or how few bridesmaids you’ve got on your tribe, there are a few really important things you can do to take care of them. To show your appreciation and make things easy on your bridesmaids, follow these simple steps…

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1. Introduce them

Your bridesmaids will likely be made up of the important people from all the areas of your life; work, university, school, church. Not everyone will know each other, so it’s important that you break the ice. After asking your besties to be in your wedding party, get them all together to meet up. Keep it casual and meet at a lovely coffee shop, or do it online if they live in different parts of the world. We guarantee it’ll make everyone feel comfortable and at ease before the Big Day!


2. Communicate well

You know what makes a happy bridesmaid? Someone who’s well informed! They’ll need dates for all the pre-wedding events, what you’d like them to wear and how to get their hands on their attire (should they buy it or order it online?) as well as any time and money commitments. Lay out your expectations clearly and early on. This will give everyone time to plan properly and they’ll thank you for it!


3. Consider everyone’s budget

It can be pretty expensive to be someone’s bridesmaid! So when you think about the dresses, accessories and hen parties, think of your bridesmaids. Find ways to cut costs and only plan events that everybody can afford.


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4. Respect their time

Your wedding may consume most (or all) of your time, but remember that your bridesmaids have other stuff going on. They’ve got jobs, kids or classes and they can’t put that all on pause. Don’t expect them to be available at all times and please – whatever you do – keep your comms short and sweet. Get to the point and avoid long, never-ending group texts.


5. Keep their sizes in mind

When you’re choosing bridesmaids dresses, choose something flattering, or better yet, get them to pick their own dresses. The price of the dress isn’t the only thing to consider. You want your girls to feel confident and comfortable on your Big Day. Your besties will appreciate any flexibility you can extend to them and they’ll feel great about spending money on something they can wear again.


6. Let them be unique

Your girls are each beautiful in their own way! So why would you want them to wear the same shade of lipstick, have their hair styled the same way or even get them to wear the same shoes! Be flexible and let them choose their own hair, makeup and shoes. You could choose a shoe colour so there’s some kind of coordination.


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7. Share the responsibilities

If you’re going to get help from your bridesmaids, consider the things they’re each good at. And then share the responsibilities! You don’t want anybody to feel overwhelmed or unimportant, so spread the love and share the responsibilities between them.


8. Keep them fed

On your Big Day, you’ll spend lots of time together in the morning getting ready. Make sure there’s food and drinks to keep them sustained! And throughout the day, have water bottles, energy bars and fruit at hand.


9. Be chilled

Do your best to remain cool, calm and collected. Treat them like adults, be reasonable and show respect. Avoid drama and remember to have fun!


10. Thank them

As often as you can, show your gratitude. Thank them for everything they’re contributing towards your Big Day and give them a small gift on the day as a token of your appreciation. You want them to feel loved!