How To Travel With Your Wedding Dress

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Destination wedding couples, this one’s for you! If you are tying the knot in a romantic location abroad, there’s one thing you need to consider which you might not have thought of yet. Today we are sharing details on how to travel with your wedding dress!


Ship or fly

Your first decision will be whether to ship your wedding dress by courier or bring it along with you when you fly.

It’s worth researching the pricing, because a courier can be a more pricy option. There’s also the stress of temporarily parting with your dress and hoping it’ll arrive safely.

The more popular choice is to fly with your dress, but there are some things to consider…


What to do when you book your flight

Each airline has its own policy regarding traveling with additional items, such as a wedding dress. Some airlines allow you to pre-book a ‘large cabin bag’ allowance and others will give you the option to bring it on as carry on. Our advice: research your options before you book your flight!

When transporting your dress, don’t forget to box it up appropriately and label the package with your travel details.

Consider where your dress will be stored so you can make sure it’s well protected.


Talk to your dress designer

The place where you purchased your wedding dress will be filled with knowledge on how to correctly store and transport your dress. They will be well familiar with flying dresses abroad and will offer insight into how to best package the dress based on its fabrics so you can avoid creases and rips.


How to package your dress

If you are taking your dress as a piece of luggage, you’ll store it in the bag it came in, which is usually waterproof. Lay the dress on the floor, remove the hanger and squash out all the air from the package. Roll it upwards to prevent the dress from creasing.

If you have lots of details and embellishments which could snag, you should take a different approach. You’ll want to lie the dress in its bag on the floor, cover the front with acid-free tissue paper. Then zip up the bag, squash out the air and roll it before you put it in the luggage.

If you are taking the dress with you on your flight, then instead of putting it in a suitcase, you’ll want to store it in a waterproof garment bag.

Whichever option you choose, just remember not to store your wedding dress with anything else. Always carry your wedding dress on its own with no other items in the suitcase.


Consider other transport options

Don’t forget about the rest of your journey. It’s not just the flight! Consider the taxi or car trip on either side of your tip.

If you are checking into a hotel, let them know ahead of time that you are arriving with your wedding dress. They will be prepared for your arrival and can help to get the dress to your room where you can hang it up and air it out.


What to do at your final destination

Once you arrive, don’t unpack your dress until you reach your final destination. Once you’re there, unpack the dress carefully and put all the packaging and tissue layers aside for your return. Open the bag and let the dress breathe.