How to Write the ‘About Us’ Part of Your Wedding Website

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The ‘About Us’ part of your website is one of the most fun parts, but equally one of the most challenging to write! You may feel the temptation to skip it altogether, but please don’t. This is a fabulous way of telling your guests a little more about you as a couple, to share your story and keep the focus on you and your love. So if you’re feeling stuck and unsure how to even begin with the ‘About Us’ part of your wedding website, keep on reading.

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Do: Start with an introduction

As with all writing tasks, always start with an introduction. Sure, your friends and family should know you, but begin by introducing yourselves as a couple. We’re here to celebrate you as a couple, but there are important details about you as an individual that should also be celebrated.

Here are some things you could include in your introduction:

  • Your full names
  • Your home town
  • Where you live now
  • Where you went to school
  • Your job
  • Some of your hobbies


Do: Keep it chronological

This is the simplest way to write the ‘About Us’ part of your wedding website. Tell your story in chronological order! Begin with how you met and your first date. Then you could add more details about things you like to do together as a couple, ending with your proposal story.


Don’t: Share too many details

There are some parts of your wedding story that should remain private. Before you hit the publish button have your partner take a look at what you’ve written for the ‘About Us’ part of your wedding website. Your partner might not feel comfortable sharing the story of how they first said ‘I love you’. And you may not like the idea of sharing the fact that you were hungover during the proposal. In case this needs to be said: avoid sharing personal details like your address and phone number, for safety purposes.


Do: Add some personality

Remember, this isn’t a university assignment. This is your wedding website. So, add some personality! Inject some humour throughout the storytelling process, but don’t do so at anybody’s expense.


Do: Consider writing individual stories

If the ‘About Us’ part of your wedding website is particularly long, you may want to break it up into different sections written by each of you. This is especially fun if your versions differ! For those who’d rather have just one version of the story, write yours in the third person.


Don’t: Make it too long

Ideally, your story will take up no more than 300 words. If it’s looking too wordy, consider breaking it up into smaller sections.

Here are some section ideas:

  • How we met
  • The proposal
  • Favourite memories


Do: End with your Big Day

Your concluding sentences should be about your big day. Even if you’ve written the rest in the first person, this part can still be in the first person.

Here are some examples:

“We can’t wait to celebrate with you at our wedding in August!”

“After three postponements, it’s finally time to tie the knot and we’re so happy you’ll be there!”