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Insanely Adorable Dogs in Weddings

I think we can all agree that a pet is a member of the family. Many couples are choosing to include their beloved furry family members in the most important day of their lives and we couldn’t be more excited about it. There’s something truly magical about seeing dogs in weddings.A few pointers for you if you are considering including your pet baby in your Big Day:

  • Check that your venue allows pets. Most times, when venues say no to pets, it’s for health and safety reasons you might not be aware of.


  • Assign a family member, friend or handler the task of looking after your pet on your wedding day. Think about the wee breaks, food, water and anything else your pet will need. It would be unfair to ask a bridesmaid or groomsmen to sacrifice their other roles to step in and look after your pet. This person might be the one you ask to walk down the aisle with your dog too! To avoid any commotions or awkward moments, it’s always best to have your dog walk with somebody.


  • Consider whether or not your dog will enjoy the experience. If he isn’t great around children, crowds or lots of activity, then it might be best not to include him!


Insanely adorable dogs in weddings

If you haven’t thought about including your pet in your wedding, take a peek at the photos below. These cuties will inspire you to think of fun ways you could pay homage to your favourite furry friend! 

The photos below were all taken by Stefano Ferrier Photography

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