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Leap Year Love: Proposals by Women Set to Leap in 2020

“Since 2020 is a leap year, the tradition of seeing women propose will be alive and kicking, with lots of trending videos predicted for February 29th.” – Sara Kennedy



The biggest wedding trends for 2020, from dried flowers to sustainable feasts. Yes, sustainability is leading the way for next year’s nuptial trends but 2020 is the year that we will see an increase in ladies popping the question, states Sara Kennedy, one of Ireland’s leading wedding bloggers and author of ‘The Ultimate Wedding Planning Guide Ireland.’


“Documenting the proposals and making them super extravagant has been growing massively in popularity over the past few years and it’s only set to get even more popular in the forthcoming year,” comments Sara Kennedy.

Other big trends to look out for in 2020 include sustainability. A white wedding with a green twist for those who are passionate about playing their role in saving the planet, will see not only brides and grooms, but vendors look for more sustainable and environmentally friendly options. Renting décor rather than buying everything for one use will become more popular with people sourcing and buying from friends, thrift shops or off online social sites. Savvy sustainable stylings such as using recycled paper for invites and menus, as well as crafting centrepieces that double up as favours, replacing plastic place settings by seasonal fruit and if material gifts aren’t your thing, consider a charity registry to a foundation with a focus on the environment or animal welfare.

For the flowers, couples are choosing locally grown, seasonal and even foraged flowers to give an aesthetic edge and boost their eco-credentials. Expect to see more living trees and plants in ceramic pots and cool containers instead of cut flowers. These will be planted after the wedding or given as gifts to guests.

With the rise in veganism, meatless menus will be on the rise in 2020 as sustainability and environmental impact remain at the forefront of consumer consciousness.

When it comes to the wedding scene, many trends come and go, but one that is predicted to become the norm is involving your pet. With wedding venues becoming more flexible this is the ultimate way to personalise your wedding day. Although pets at weddings can pose many challenges there are several creative ways to make sure your family pet is involved in the day. From hiring a pet sitter to having a photography shoot before the ceremony or having your furry friend don a bow tie that matches the groom, the popularity of having your ‘extended’ family at your wedding will be a big hit this year.

Photography is still a popular and perfect way to capture all the various special moments of the big day; however, one trend that will really take off in 2020 will be the idea of capturing a special moment from your wedding day in a work of art.

This artsy wedding trend of 2020 will see couples hiring artists to capture their special day on canvas. Whether the masterpiece is created by an artist on the day or through a commission from wedding photos is up to the couple but the end product will be a treasured piece of art that is sure to capture the atmosphere of the big day forever.

To find out more about wedding trends then visit the ‘I Do’ School presented by Sara Kennedy at the Bride of The Year Show which will open its doors this weekend – 25th & 26th January 2020 – welcoming thousands of couples across the two days. Taking place at the RDS, the show will be home to more than 150 wedding suppliers all gathered under one roof.

The Bride of the Year Show will open its doors at 10am on Saturday 25th January and runs until 5pm on Sunday 26th January 2020.  Tickets cost €15 and can be purchased at the door or online at For more information check out @WEDDublin on social.


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