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List Lust – Ace Wedding Gift Registry Ideas

Wedding gift registry may not be as popular in Ireland as it is over the pond but, should you consider one? Absolutely! A few wisely chosen items could make a whole lot of difference to your married life.

Let’s speak frankly. Wedding gift registry suffers from one major ailment – people think it’s mostly for pots, pans, glasses and linen. True, that was the case when couples didn’t live together before getting married. Now, it’s more about enhancing your lifestyle, rather than building a life from scratch. So, we’ve done some research, and it turns out, there’s so much for you to consider beyond kitchenwear! And, you may not realise this but guests don’t have to splash out on individual items. At the likes of The Wedding Shop, you can put a single large item on your list, and the guests will contribute an amount they can afford. So, take a look at these and show them to your other half too – what do they think?

Honeymoon registry

We’re big fans of the honeymoon registry, here at WOL. No pots or pans will ever compare to an unforgettable experience like a trip of a lifetime. Your guests can contribute any amount they can afford towards your gift, and the choice of destinations is seriously mind-boggling.


Above image courtesy of Tropical Sky

Outdoor furniture

We’re not talking those wobbly plastic chairs that always look sad, no matter how vigorously you clean them. We’re talking stuff that’ll completely change how you spend those sunny summer mornings, or host family parties. Take a look at The Wedding Shop or Arnotts for some ideas. This is a fantastic investment that’ll last a very long time.

Top-of-the-line vacuum cleaner

Sure, a Dyson is eye-wateringly expensive – but it’s the king of household items. Not only does it last forever and cleans like a dream, it makes life easier for everyone with allergies. You won’t be sorry if you add technology like this to your wedding gift registry list. Ironically, it’s the perfect gift for people who hate cleaning.

Smart kitchen things

We don’t mean faddy gadgets (see below for our don’ts list) – we mean things that’ll make your life way easier. A slow cooker – healthy meals sorted. A Magic Bullet – everything from smoothies to soups. A luxury coffee maker – enjoy truly world-class coffee and stop propping up Starbucks.

Quality luggage

Not all of us are frequent travellers – but somehow, nearly all of us had to deal with some kind of a luggage disaster. Good luggage can last up to 20 years, and that makes it an amazing investment – a perfect and super-smart wedding gift registry item.

Luxury bedding

One night on a heavenly mattress under a fluffly down duvet, and you’ll be wondering ‘why didn’t we do this before’? It’s the five-star hotel treatment in your own home – and incredibly romantic too. Consider getting two sets, one for winter and one for summer.


Above, Sanderson Dawn Chorus bedding from Arnotts

Camping gear

This is for outdoorsy couples. In the world of camping, quality is the difference between staying safe and dry… or not. Cheap stuff doesn’t last, and will cost you a lot of money to replace over the years. The answer is – top-of-the-line stuff on your wedding gift registry. Any guest who contributes to it will be delighted you’re enjoying the gift so much.

Le Creuset

Durable, beautiful, nearly indestructible, well worth the price – Le Creuset rules kitchens all over the world. You don’t have to be a champion chef to enjoy using this kind of quality. Plus, it looks absolutely gorgeous. If you didn’t think it was possible for a pot to make a statement in your kitchen, this one will. And, they make so much stuff, your choice is endless – how about some ramekins, a wok, fondue set, or even a single grill pan?


Above, clockwise from top left: Monte Carlo garden armchair | Lite-Shock Electric Blue luggage by Samsonite | DC41I – Independent vacuum cleaner by Dyson | Petite round casserole in Palm by Le Creuset | Pepper mill in Soleil by Le Creuset | Nespresso Artisan KitchenAid coffee maker in Candy Apple, all from The Wedding Shop

Are you getting a little bit of list lust yet? Well, here are a few things you may think you need on your wedding gift registry… but do you really?

Posh china

Do you often invite the town mayor or the archbishop for tea? If not, then you most likely don’t need that Royal Copenhagen china set for 12. Sure, it’s gorgeous and everything, but it’s more expensive than you think, and can be a major pain to replace if a piece is chipped or broken. Plus, it takes up a lot of cupboard room. Ask yourself – will I actually ever use it?

Plates, pots and whatnots

If you’re already living together, chances are you have all your kitchen essentials. And yet, many couples sign up for basic kitchenwear just because they think that’s how it’s done, and it’s what the guests expect. If you don’t need it, don’t put it on the list.

Faddy gadgets

We’re talking things that will be obsolete by this time next year, especially electronics. One of those pasta spiralizers is a classic example. Sure, it’s a really hot thing right now, and it looks cool on your kitchen counter. But once the novelty wears off, how much will you use it? Plus, there are only like four vegetables that qualify for spiralization, and soon you’ll never look at carrots the same way again.

Fitness machines

In the first rush of motivation, you’ll probably be on that treadmill or cross-trainer every day. A gym at home – what could possibly go wrong! The truth is, eventually, it’ll turn into a terribly cumbersome clothes rack – and then end up on Done Deal for a fraction of the money it cost.

Hobbies you’ve always wanted to try

So, your other half always thought owning a record player and a vinyl collection would be the coolest thing ever. Or, you’ve always wanted to built a hothouse in the garden for home-grown vegetables. If you’ve never done it before, don’t put it on your registry list – it’s just not the wisest way to use your guests’ money.

Main image from Linda & Cormac’s real wedding by Julie Cummins

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