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Magnificent Bridgerton-Themed Wedding Ideas

If you are a fan of period romances, you have probably already watched Bridgerton and loved it! The fabulous events, the beautiful flowers and the romantic music. It’s no wonder so many couples are wanting to incorporate a touch of Bridgerton into their weddings! If you are wanting to add a nod to the show or go for a full on Bridgerton-themed wedding, I’ve got something for you. I won’t lie, I had a lot of fun putting this together and looking back on scenes from the show. I think you’ll find something beautifully inspiring about this!

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A spectacular wedding venue

The best way to create the ideal Bridgerton-themed wedding is with your venue! We’re thinking ballrooms for dancing, a beautiful garden, and a space for a majestic banquet table.

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Cabra Castle Hotel


Wisteria hysteria

I have to admit, the first thing to draw me in when watching Bridgerton was the Wisteria! Create a beautiful ceremony backdrop or photo-worthy corner with beautiful Wisteria.

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Holly Chapple


Literary quotes

Pick your favourite romantic quote from literature and feature it in your decor! Whether you select a quote from Bridgerton or another literary favourite, you’d definitely get Lady Whistledown’s approval.

A Princess Inspired


Wax seal invitations

A personalised wax seal invitation is incredibly special and romantic.

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Candles and lanterns

Not only will candles and lanterns add a touch of intimacy and romance, but they’ll also give you that Bridgerton-themed, period touch.

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I Do Candle Lighting


The right music

A Bridgerton-themed wedding would be incomplete without the perfect music! Hire a fabulous band to play classical versions of popular songs, just like they did on Bridgerton. The best part is when your guests will try to work out what the song is.

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Bow Musique


Afternoon tea

Afternoon tea is completely on trend for Bridgerton-themed weddings. Serve delicious mini desserts and sandwiches during pre-drinks along with tea and Prosecco!

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A grazing table

A grazing table is the epitome of decadence! Recreate the experience of eating excessively, but without the waste.

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The Vault Couture



Who can forget the spectacular scenes in the first two episodes during the outdoor ball (pictured below)? Recreate the moment during your First Dance with a fantastic fireworks display!

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Over the top entertainment

Think back to the fabulous Circus Ball in episode 4. Guests were welcomed by circus performers, creating a completely over the top entrance that I absolutely loved!

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The Hit Machine, Bellingham Castle, The Fennells Photography


Get your guests involved

I adore the final episode when Daphne and Simon host the Duke and Duchess Ball. Each guest arrived wearing blue, immersing them in the experience! The guests became part of the design!

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