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Make Your Guests Giggle With These Funny Wedding Vows

Not to freak you out or anything, but your wedding vows will be the most important promises you will make! Lots of couples put off writing or choosing their vows, when in reality, this is the most significant part of your wedding day. It’s the moment you will make promises to one another as you commit to a lifetime of loving each other. It’s a really special moment and one way to settle your nerves is to incorporate some humour into the proceedings. We’ve gathered some funny wedding vows that are guaranteed to get your partner and your guests giggling!

Just a word of warning: if you are going to include some funny wedding vows in your Big Day, keep them lighthearted. This is not your chance to roast your partner, but it is a great opportunity to show your relatable, down-to-earth side of your relationship.

Featured image credit: Laura & Benny Photography

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