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10 Clever Ways to Save Without Sacrificing on Style

Weddings don’t generally come that cheap! Yes of course you can spend whatever you want on your Big Day, but us Irish like to go with the ‘we’re only doing it once’ mantra and spend as much as we can afford to fulfil our wish list. Today we’re taking a look at ten tips and ideas for saving a few quid without sacrificing on style one little bit.

1. Ask your car mad friend if they’ll drive you to the ceremony in their prized car. We all have that one friend – or friend of a friend – who’s a little bit crazy about their car. Why not ask them to do you the honour of taking you to the venue, they’ll be flattered you asked! (Image by Emily Steve via Whimsical Wonderland Weddings)

2. Give DIY a go – but with caution! Adding personal touches to your decor and even wedding stationery is a lovely idea, but do remember two things – give yourself plenty of time to do it and don’t get all super spendy on the materials otherwise it won’t be a task in saving cash! (Image via The Wedding of My Dreams)

3. Head off on a booze cruise (not as fun or as money saving anymore unfortunately!), or shop your local supermarkets wisely to bulk buy your booze and present to your guests in a bath, wheelbarrow or boat! (Image by Miki Photography via Boho Weddings)

4. Head to sample sales for your dream gown, or try sourcing it through a pre-loved website or boutique – same goes for your bridesmaids dresses, and don’t forget the high street. (Image via You Mean The World To Me)

5. Create a wedding playlist of all your favourite tracks to entertain your guests long into the night. (Image by Robbins Photographic via Rock My Wedding)

6. Forgo silly favours and opt for either a little potted succulent (we’re still loving the succulents!) or a midnight snack- sure a bag of Tayto would do! (Image via Brides Magazine)

7. Don’t spend on the grooms party attire, for a rustic and relaxed wedding, mismatched guys are just the ticket. Ask them to wear their own best shirt and trousers and bring the look together with pretty matching buttonholes. (Image via Chic Vintage Brides)

8. Carry smaller bouquets with less flowers and try to choose in season flowers. If you’re really green fingered you could grow your own and ask your florist to use them in your bouquets. (Image via The Best Wedding Idea)

9. Host your very own Bake-Off by asking your guests to bring along a cake and desserts. It will be lots of craic and you could award prizes for the best (and worst) cakes on the day! (Image by Dominique Bader via Rock My Wedding)

10. Ask your bridesmaids to do their own hair and makeup on the day. Chances are at least one of them will be seriously in to their makeup and will love that you’ve asked them to perfect their looks on the Big Day! (Image via Not On The High Street)

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