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12 Wedding Table Name Ideas that are Beyond Brilliant

An awesome way to personalise your wedding reception is to go for alternative or unusual wedding table names that reflect your relationship or your mutual interests. Don’t be afraid to have a bit of fun with your table names – they’re a great way to have a bit of a laugh and to get guests chatting. Check out 12 of the best wedding table name ideas we’ve come across lately below.

1. Cause War by Sitting Guests in One of the Game of Thrones’ 7 Kingdoms or House Names (Some may cry when they realise they’re not Starks)


2. Name your Tables after your Favourite Haunts – Like the Pubs and Restaurants where you’ve been on Dates… Together


3. Amateur Astronomers will Love these Table Names, Named After Constellations


4. Music Fans? Get your Tables in on the Theme by Naming them After Absolute Legends


5. Foodies should Appreciate these Tables Named after Herbs (and maybe some to bring home too?!)


6. Name your Tables after your Favourite Sportsmen & Sportswomen (Keep us a seat at the Robbie Keane table please!)


7. Movie Table Names are a Great Idea for Film Buffs


Movie Buffs! Help your guests to break the ice by having them answer questions on their movie. The most correct answers at a single table get a prize?!

8. Name your Tables after Cities you’ve Visited together (and add a little memory of the place to make it more personal)


9. Double Down by Naming Tables after your Favourite Tipple and use the Bottle as a Centrepiece


10. Gamers Can Attach a Level to their Table Numbers, and have a bit of fun with the graphics


11. Both Kids and Adults will appreciate tables names after your favourite comic book characters


12. Have Fun Naming Tables after your Favourite TV Shows – And Choosing the stills to go with them


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