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5 Real Brides Share Their Best Advice

Nobody understands the stresses and strains of planning a wedding quite like the brides who have gone before you and experienced all those emotions first hand! 

We know arranging the biggest day of your life can seem pretty scary at times so today we’ve been looking back at the advice our real brides have shared with us over the years. From doing it your way to the important five minutes with your Mr at the reception, we think all these little nuggets of advice are perfect and should help you enjoy your wedding day to the fullest. We’ve added a handy little click through to each wedding should you fancy a little look back at these beautiful days. Have a good one! 

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Karen’s advice:

It is important to have all the big things booked early. There is so much available online that you can get carried away when planning your wedding- try to stick to just a few special details – too much is overkill!! And remember that the people you have booked are professionals so trust them to do a good job on the day, then you can relax and enjoy every minute, which is by far the most important thing!

See Karen and Ed’s wedding day here. 

Photography by Visionary Photography.

brides advice

Christina’s advice:

Have an idea of what it is you want before you speak to too many people. Sit and talk with your partner and be honest about what you have liked and didn’t like about other weddings you have been to. This really helped me and Jason to come to a decision. Then we had a rough idea when we spoke with everyone and took all suggestions on board. Because we had a rough idea, we were able to use some and leave others as we felt it would mix in with the day we had planned.

And one big tip – be flexible! Accept that it is a special day but that doesn’t mean everything goes to plan. Take it as it comes and let the changes roll by, it will be much more enjoyable. And finally – relax, stop and take it all in, it’s a great day and it will be such a shame if you miss it because you’re so worried about the band starting at 9pm and not 9.15pm.

See Christina and Jason’s wedding day here. 

Photography by Magda Christie. 

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Jennie’s advice:

“I would like to say don’t sweat the small stuff but people said that to me and I completely ignored it! If you are a perfectionist like me you are going to worry no matter what people tell you. My one piece of advice would be to take about 20 minutes and have a glass of champagne with your new husband in private between the ceremony and meal. It’s a lovely thing to do and you won’t have seen each other for a day or two before that so it’s good to fill in the gaps and catch up and swap emotions!”

See Jennie and Colin’s wedding day here. 

Photography by Syona Photography. 

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Ciara’s advice:

Plan as much as possible beforehand and the day before the wedding off load anything that is left to other people – if it hasn’t been done by then theres no point stressing about it.

See Ciara and Allan’s wedding day here. 

Photography by Emily Doran Photography. 

brides advice

Kim’s advice:

Determine what is most important to you and don’t worry as much about the rest. Enjoy the day!

See Kim and John’s wedding day here. 

Photography by Tara Donoghue Photography.

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