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6 Feelings You’ll Go Through When You’re Choosing Your Wedding Gown

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We’ll be the first to admit to a few secret Pinterest boards of our favourite wedding gowns, it’s practically part of the job here at! When you begin the search for your ideal wedding gown, sometimes brides soon realise it’s not all Pinterest boards and games, it can be a stressful part of wed-min. But fear not Missies, today we’re sharing a few secrets and some tips on what you will feel during the whole process and how to deal with all those emotions. 

1. Dreaming

We understand. As soon as you receive the ring it’s like a green light for browsing the web, pinning like a mad woman and buying every wedding magazine you can find all in the search of ‘the one.’ Please remember however that you do only have to find one (unless you’re going for a mid day change!) so try to work out the feel of gown you are looking for rather than the style. Often brides find out once they try on the style and silhouette of a gown they think they want, that really it’s not for them. Knowing your feel and look such as romantic, glamorous or bohemian will leave your options open. 

2. Embarrassment

I’ll never forget going to a last minute appointment with my sister. She was in a black thong, cue the embarrassment of wearing something she really didn’t want to be seen. The lesson here is to be prepared for your bridal appointments, strapless nude bra and underwear you don’t mind showing off. 

3. Hesitation

If you thought clearing out your shoe collection was hard, just wait until you’ve found the bridal boutique who get you and your style and also just happen to have five dresses that you would happily wear. That’s when the big decisions happen and when you will suddenly be the most indecisive person in the world! 

4. Clarity

Hopefully once you’ve found the one, or the three, you will have a moment of clarity and all those jumbled thoughts will work out and you’ll be left with the best dress for you. At this point you’ll be one step closer to walking down the aisle and currently walking on air! Enjoy it. 

5. Second thoughts

We’ve all been there over many things but none of them will seem as huge as when you start to wonder if the dress you chose really is the right one for you. Time to phone a friend or your mum or simply someone who knows you inside out and will help calm your nerves and make the sensible side of your brain see that yes, you did make the right choice, now move on with the rest of your planning! 

6. The Big Day 

There isn’t a feeling to describe how you will feel once the day arrives and you step into that gown. Fear, nervous, excitement, happiness – now is the time to relax, say I do and soak up every second. 

Did you experience any of these feelings whilst buying your dress? We’d love to know how you coped. 


(Image Beth Babicz via The Knot)

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